The Book of Samuel 2 gives in detail after King Saul’s death immediately David reigning in Judah ,and later the all of Israel in total of 40 years. therefore  is the” Book of King Davids Reign”.

Chapter 1-12  Describes Davids Triumphs. David ruled in Hebron for 7yrs and 6 months over Judah only. Since all the other tribes wouldn’t accept him as Saul’s successor and to have their own king. Later on all tribes come and  say “we are thy bone and flesh””thou leddest out and brought in Israel””The Lord said,thou shalt be captain over Israel”  So David was declared to be the King over all Israel and transferred the government to Jerusalem which in those days was called Jebus after the Jebusites.

Chapter 7:8-16 Talks about Davids covenant which is the great passage of the Bible affirming The throne in Israel and the Messiah would come out of David`s line of family. He was promised the  house ,the throne and the kingdom and all three are secured to him forever. And it was unconditional because it would be fulfilled through Messiah.

This was also a sure prophecy of Christ

First to Adam A promise to a Race in general

Second to Abraham as a Nation as Israel

Third to Jacob as a Tribe as Judah

Fourth to David , to one family in that tribe

King David Reined victoriously for 20 years  The last victory was  in chapter 12 the royal city of Ammon. then because of his 2 sins  troubles started in His family and as a nation. Chapter 11:3-4  His first sin v15-17  coveting after Bathsheba his second sin v 13-18,Killing Uriah Bathsheba`s husband by sending him to war and putting him on front line. His first sin led to a worse second sin but the child conceived in adultery died.and was rebuked by prophet Nathan .David confesses to God. Later The grace of God is abundantly demonstrated by allowing Bathsheba to give birth to the son Solomon through,whom the promise in Davidic covenant would continue.

Chapter 13-24  Describes David s Troubles. Especially in chapter 15 his son Absalom who was spoiled,impatient and overly ambitious and his rebellion was a part of the bitter fruit of Davids sin.Absalom tried to secure Davids throne and Davids captain showed no mercy and killed him and chapter 18:33 David bereaved over him. Davids other children were also slained except Adonaih who tries to get the throne from King Solomon, and also was killed. Although  Adonaih was in line to get the throne but Solomon was chosen from God.

David was restored to the throne in Jerusalem followed by more experiences of retribution from the hand of God . David purchases the land in Moriah, which becomes the site of the Temple. It was here, hundreds of years earlier Abraham sacrifices Isaac.


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