Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mathew 6:33

The greatest gift I could leave for you all knowledge of everlasting life. The most important thing in this life is preserving the soul. The only way I know how to do is reading the Divine Book The BIBLE.It is a book of divine instruction which offers comfort in sorrow,guidance in perplexity,advice for our problems,rebuke for our sins and daily inspirations for our every need, It talks about God,our creation,the sin,and how to get redemption,justification and sanctification.

In My favorite four words, Love,Mercy,Grace and Glory which translates into JESUS

We make time for many things in our lives, but the most important thing  is to give priority is to remember God which is to worship Through Praise,Thanksgiving,intercession for others,talk to him about our daily and ask him for guidance,safety and provision in our daily tasks. and reading the BIBLE and praying . If you can make 15 minutes of your routine morning  tasks.. Your Blessings will be multiplied through out your life.

Today’s busy world there is never enough time to accomplish all the things that we want to do.The things we prioritize becomes different from the things that we really ought to do. There are always emergency in our lives that takes us away from it and we loose track of it. since most of us spend time on technology especially the phone and social media, I was trying to find a way to reach my loved ones through here.Hopefully they get to read this and stay connected with me.  My thought is to highlight some of the things in the  BIBLE for the year to come from creation to second coming of the Lord    which is beginning to the we  can learn  and help others.

Believe me you will Thank me one day!!



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