The New Testament is the is the answer to the Old Testament.More precisely Christ is the fulfillment of all that the prophets saw,the psalmist saw and all the hearts hoped for!

The New Testament completes and fulfills the old. the sacrifices of the old point to our Lord.The one Sacrifice. In the Old Testament the prevalence of animal sacrifice . The sacrifices of old point to our Lord.The unfulfilled purpose of God with His people now is fulfilled in their Messiah and our Messiah. The prophecies of the old Testament find their fulfillment in our Blessed Lord. In the Old Testament ,He is coming. In the Gospels He has come. In the Epistles He has come in by the Holy Spirit. In the Revelation He is coming again. The fulfillments,at His first coming prove Old Testament prophecy to be Divine, and equally guarantees that the unfulfilled remainder in both Old and New Testaments shall surly come to pass.

Nine authors penned the 27 divinely inspired books of the New Testament over a span of about 50 years. While 8 of the authors were Jewish,Luke the one Greek writer,had the distinction of writing more of the New Testament about 28% than any of the others including the apostle Paul who wrote 25% . The authors and their books cover the latter half of the first century A.D. Its 27 book has somewhat logical and chronological order. The Books are in the Gospels, Matthew,Mark,Luke and John. Matthew He was Jewish and apostle of Jesus and Tax collector; Mark Jewish,disciple of Peter,missionary. Luke was Greek,disciple of Paul,Physician, John Jewish,apostle of Jesus,fisherman. Acts was written by Luke,as a historical account of the churches first generation as a continuation of the Gospel. James is Jewish half brother of Jesus and pastor.

There are 21 Epistle which are the first generation history after Acts as a correspondence as a letter. The first 13 Epistles from Roman to Philemon were written by Paul. He was Jewish , the Thirteenth apostle of Christ,tentmaker and he was a former Pharisee. I and II Peter were written by Peter who was also Jewish,apostle of Jesus and a fisherman. Hebrews authors are suggested authors are many. Jude written by him was Jewish,half brother of Jesus and a carpenter. Last 4 books were written by John again and New Testament winds down with his last book Revelation with the ultimate destiny of the Church and the world. the New Testament is the Best Attested ancient document in the world.

The key note of the New Testament is Fulfillment.

Mathew from the beginning sets out with the keynote 12 times: “That it might be fulfilled” Our Lord ` s first word as He began His ministry WAS” Thus it becomes us to fulfill” Mathew 3:15. “I come to fulfill Mathew” 5:17; Mark records “The time is fulfilled”,The kingdom of God is at hand” recording the words of Jesus in Mark 1:15.Luke records the words of Jesus:This day is the Scripture fulfilled in your ears” Luke 4 :21; John gives the reaction of those who received Him “That it might be fulfilled 7 times.

The Four Gospels Mathew ,Mark ,Luke and John has given us four unique presentations of our Lord Jesus.each having its own emphasis with all four going together to make a full portrayal of the God -Man-Jesus, our Lord. There is a significant parallel between four gospels and the “four living creatures ” of Ezekiel. Ezekiel 1:10 says “as for the likeness of their faces, they four had a face of a man,and the face of a lion, on the right side; they four had a face of an ox on the left side, they four had a face of an Eagle”

Thus in four gospels we see,

Mathew The Messiah the King The Lion which speaks of strength and kingship; as Sovereign, He comes to reign and rule, The Lion was the emblem of the tribe of Judah. The Royal tribe of David. . In here our Lord is uniquely”the Lion of the tribe of Judah” Mathew gives the key; “The book of generation of Jesus Christ,the son of David,the Son of Abraham”

In Mark– Jehovah the servant – The Ox of lowly service.As man He comes to serve and suffer, the Gospel of Mark is the “Gospel of Action” Here no genealogy is given. the emphasis is on the activity of Christ the lowly Servant.

In Luke the Son of Man- the Man-The one with highest intelligence; As the Son of Man ,He comes to share and sympathize. Luke lifts up the lovely manhood of Jesus by telling of His parents and His birth,His Boyhood and even then He is called the King and Savior.

In John the son of God- The Eagle-representing the heavenliness and Divinity. As the son of God ,He comes to Redeem..The aspect corresponding to eagle finishes the pattern of Ezekiel. John goes back to eternity. In the beginning was the word (Jesus)and the word(Jesus) was with God; and the word(Jesus) was God. – All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything that was made. In Him was life,and the life was the light of men. John 1:1-4. John presents Him as the”Son of God” 1:18&34 He is the Word,the Light,the Life, the Son. He is the God manifest in the flesh. He is the God -Man. In the four gospels we see, Sovereignty,humility,humanity and Deity.

Each Gospel has a unique difference in writing, Mathew writes in reference to the Hebrew mind,with a reference to the Old Testament. Mark the traveling companion of Peter writes primarily to the Roman Mind. Luke the traveling companion of Paul and a doctor,writes to the Greek with the emphasis of the matchless manhood of Jesus. John writes about the Divine nature of our Lord Jesus. writing to the church as well as to the whole world without racial distinction,with a revelation of the Grace of Truth through the “word that became flesh and dwelt among us.and we beheld His Glory, the glory of the only begotten Father” They also End with different themes. Mathew with our Lord ` s Resurrection Mathew 28.;The gospel of the Messiah the King with Resurrection. The crowning proof of His Messiahship; Mark with Ascension Mark 16:19-20. ;The Gospel of the lowly Servant ends with the lowly one exalted in place of Glory and Honor. Luke with the blessed promise of the Holy Spirit Luke 24:49; Luke the gospel of Ideal Man ends with the promise of a Comforter to man. John ends with all the four Gospels with the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ with the Second Coming John 21: 20-23. John the Gospel of the Divine Son, ends with The Lord ` s own promise of His Return.

Since we see these connection to the Old and New Testament the Four Gospels are distinctly the work of the Holy Spirit through the writers to give us complete portrait of our Blessed Lord. Praise Be to God The Father,Son and Holy spirit.


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