I King records the division of the united kingdom of Saul,David and Solomon into two kingdoms which are Israel and Judah.

II Kings records the collapse or captivity  of Israel and Judah.

The name Israel represents 10 of the tribes and becomes the Northern kingdom with Samaria as capital. This takes place after the death of Solomon and led by Jeroboam,the son of Nebat.

The name Judah represents two tribes,  Judah and Benjamin and becomes the Southern Kingdom with Jerusalem as capital. after the death of Solomon  his son Rehoboam .

The chosen family of King David and line of Jesus comes from Judah.The  main message is Division because of disobedience. 1 kings 11:11 Therefore the Lord said to Solomon,”Because you have done this and have not kept my Covenant and my Statues,which I have commanded you,I will surely tear the kingdom away from you and give it to your servants.” This is the beginning of the turning point and key to the rest of the message.

Chapter 1-11 The first half describes the united kingdom when Solomon reigned  for 40 years and He was the last King of the united Hebrew Kingdom. He was a child when he became King.  God appeared to him in dream.chapter 3:5-13 First time in Gibeon,Solomon prayed for wisdom and understanding . God grants his request, as long as Solomon obeys and keeps Gods statues.Chapter 6. Solomon begins to build the Temple.Chapter 8 Prayer of dedication. King Solomon is known for his wisdom and poetry and riches and hundreds of wives and concubines. But the vast amount of Gold and silver and many thousands of horses and because of the other religious wives he built temples for other Gods are the very things got him into transgressions against God.  Chapter 11:9-13 The Lord says the Kingdom will be divided after Solomon’s death.

Chapters 12-16 After the death of Solomon  The division takes place  for 80 years and  Judah had 4 kings . Two Kings of Judah Asa and Jehoshaphat were good kings, and reigned for 66 years. Israel 8 kings who were all evil. Chapter 17-22 Talks about the ministry of Elijah, the prophet in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. It was Elijah who appeared with Moses in our Lord`s transfiguration Mathew 17:1-5. He was a prophet of deeds . He proves  God can do miracles through man when the truth of God is hurt by a man or nation.  He was fed by ravens through the journey . He was taken to heaven in a whirlwind.  II Timothy 2:19 We like Elijah should be separated servants of the Lord.

The Book of II Kings

Chapter 1-10  This covers the events of Israel the Northern Kingdom and the Ministry of Elisha who was apprentice of Elijah and asks for double blessings of Elijah and God grants it to him.

Chapter 11-17   Here we read about the captivity of Israel by Assyrians from which they never returned and  the prophesies of  Jonah,Amos, and Hosea

Chapter 18-25  The events of Judah and its captivity by Babylon and the temple burned from which only a remnant returned.  During that time Obadiah,Joel,Isaiah,Micah,Nahum,Habakkuk,Zephaniah and Jeremiah had prophesied.  God continues to use his prophets for Hope for the people.  The prophets after captivity were Ezekiel,Daniel,Haggai,Zechariah,Malachi.

There were 19 kings, who came from 7 different families in all that reigned over Israel,the 10 tribe kingdom and the kingdom lasted 250 yrs.

Judah the two tribe kingdom had 20 kings  whom were of one family  that of David  the messianic line of Jesus. and it lasted some 390 years. Here again it shows the faithfulness of God and keeping His promises with Davidic  Covenant. Also it shows the human failure over and over with Kings and people and the divine seen through the messengers -the prophets,and also the divine side there is to be the ultimate triumph when David`s Greater son our Lord,sits on the throne and reigns over all. Luke 1:32-33 The Lord Jesus Christ will re establish the throne of David in His Kingdom at His second advent.

With his vast resources, Solomon builds an elaborate temple to God as well as a palace for himself in Jerusalem. Construction begins exactly four hundred and eighty years after Israel’s exodus from Egypt. Solomon conscripts thousands of laborers for the work and imports materials from neighboring countries. The Temple is lined with gold and features large, hand-sculpted angels and pillars. Solomon places the Ark of the Covenant inside, and all of Israel gathers for the dedication. After sacrificing herds of animals on the altar, Solomon prays for God’s blessing on the Temple. God appears to Solomon and promises to dwell in the Temple so long as Solomon and the Israelite’s are obedient to his laws. If they are not, God will remove his presence from the Temple, destroying both the temple and the nation.



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