When the collection of Psalms was brought together as one The Hebrew title for the collection was Tehillim,meaning “Praise Songs” the Greek translators named it Psalmoi meaning”Songs to the accommodation of the stringed instrument” This was the title used in the days of Jesus according to Acts 1:20. Jesus authenticated Psalms in Luke 24:44. This book is commonly called the book of David because he wrote a large number of them.

Moses gave to the Israelite’s the five books of the law -Pentateuch which is the Book of Jehovah to the congregation and as a counterpart to these,David gave the Psalms which consists of five fold book of the congregation to Jehovah. Book 1: adoring worship, similar to Genesis-Israel and Man Book 2: 42-72 Wondrous worship similar to Exodus-Israel-Deliverance Book 3: 73-89 Ceaseless worship, similar to Leviticus-Sanctuary Book 4: 90-106 Submissive worship similar to Numbers,Moses – wilderness Book 5 107-150 Perfected worship similar to Deuteronomy-law and land

David wrote the majority about Seventy Three: 3-9,11-32,34-41,51-65,68-70,86,101,103,108-110,122,124,131,133,138-145. Asaph – David`s Choir master at Jerusalem 12-50,73-83 Descendants of Korah wrote Ten: 42,44-49,84,85,87. Solomon 2- 72,127 Ethan wrote one: 89 Heman wrote one: 88 Moses wrote one :90 Anonymous: 50 although thought to be written many by David

There are Instructive,History,Praise,confession,supplication,thanksgiving and Messianic classification of Psalms.

Messianic Psalms are Prophesies concerning Christ, it is full of Christ -in His first advent of humiliation and the second of His Glory. We see the inner heart of Jesus and His divinity and His mercy and Love. In these Psalms we find some of our Lords prayers pre- written , which is basic testimony to the divine inspiration of the Scriptures. In these Psalms we have Christ`s birth,betrayal,agony,death,resurrection,ascension,coming again in glory and His Reign-all pictured with a vivid inspiration.


The Psalm 22 :1 and Mathew 27:46 are so similar you would think they are written at the same time although hundreds of years separated it and at that time death on the cross was unknown until later in Roman era.. It talks about the account of of Lords death on the cross. This is another proof that the inspiration of the scriptures are a fact.

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter of the Bible and it is the teaching of the word of God or law. In these there are 22 sections of 8 verses each. one section for each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet , in order.

Most Psalms do not reveal the problems or situation they are in our human experience. It deals with every emotions we feel. It can be used when we feel similar situations to reach out to God in Prayer and meditation.. We can take refuge in Him and trust and hope and seek forgiveness,healing and yield the fruit of righteousness,peace. We can serve the Lord with fear and with joy because we are secure,rooted and stable in Christ.


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