Proverbs consists of practical wisdom literature for our everyday lives. The book of divine wisdom applied to our earthly conditions. The message is wisdom of God and Christ is our wisdom. A proverb means a short description of a saying,drawn from long experience. All 3 of the above books are written by Solomon,for the most part. Taken together these books give us windows into Solomon’s intellectual life across his life span. The internal evidence suggests that he wrote the song of songs while he was a young man, Proverbs in his midlife and Ecclesiastes in his end of his life.after the Lord led him to repentance from his apostasy, of course we don`t know whether he really repented. As wise as Solomon was,he knew Gods will but didn’t do it. So true wisdom consists of our hearts,heads ,intellect and our will to action. That is our human weakness, and our feeble attempts at obedient fails. Even then we are not castaways but forgiven and redeemed through the cross and shown mercy of God and Gift of love through Jesus.

Wisdom as used in the book of proverbs gives us the ability to live with skill,to apply it to everyday life the knowledge of God and of His will. As Solomon tells us respect and Reverence for the Lord is a prerequisite to wisdom. In I Kings 4:32 tells that Solomon spoke 3000 proverbs but about 800 appear in the Book of proverbs.

Chapter 1-9 Wisdom and folly.
The proverbs are inspired and placed in the Scripture by the Holy Spirit of God. In the word of God it says Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 9:10 says The fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom. In proverbs 6:16-19 which God hates Proverbs 8 :22-26 the Eternal son of God.

Chapter 10-24 Proverbs of Solomon written and compiled by him.

Chapters 25-29 Proverbs of Solomon compiled by Hezekiah

Chapter 30 Words of Agur

Chapter 31 words of a Mother

The Book of Ecclesiastes

The Book of Ecclesiastes is Gods record of mans argument about life while Solomon was out of fellowship with God. He calls himself as preacher.. The Book teaches us vanity 37 times about the emptiness of all our lives without the presence of God in our lives. Solomon Looking back as he faces death he declares that his life was meaningless. and says that is the only view of life possible “under the sun” which he repeats often. it also the book also suggests rich and joyful rewards for life`s simple things such as work,rest and relationships, seen from the eternal perspective . Solomon diagnosed the problem but had no solution. With God the sunshine of His love, even dark days reflect the beauty of His love. It declares that with God there is a point that is Salvation. Life moves toward a glorious destiny and life forever with our Savior where there is no tears and suffering.

The vanities of Ecclesiastes.

Vanity of Human wisdom– Wise and foolish die alike. Vanity of human labor-Laborer and wise die alike. Vanity of Human purpose-Man proposes and God disposes.Vanity of Envy-success brings envy not Joy. Vanity of Greed-Get more and remain empty. Vanity of Fame-One day popular then forgotten. Vanity of Wealth– money does not satisfy. Vanity of Coveting-wanting begat more wanting. vanity of frivolity-Time wasted brings sad end. Vanity of recognition-Bad are often honored by men.

The songs of Solomon

The songs of Solomon is a love poem. Psalm 45 goes with thisout of more than 1000 songs he wrote. In Chapter 2:16 expresses the central message – such is the union between Christ and His redeemed people which can best be expressed to us in the form of a marriage reunion, as taught in Hebrews 1:7-8. Also what Paul teaches in II Corinthians 11:1-2.

Chapter 1:2 to 2:7 Falling in Love

Chapter 2:8 to 3:5 Faltering Love

Chapter 3:6 to 5:1 Growing Love

Chapter 5:2 to 7:13 Transforming Love

Chapter 8:1-14 Maturing Love


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