Isaiah is one of the Major Prophet also a Messianic Prophet. There is a description of God `s call to Isaiah in chapter 6. He got a vision,produced conviction and confession, he was forgiven and cleansed. He heard Gods call. He offered himself for service. He was commissioned to serve. He is Messianic because he foretold about the Birth of Christ in chapter 7 :14 and in Chapter 53 we see the description of Calvary. This was foretold 700 years before it happened and shows the miracle of the inspiration of the word of God. This is one of the important chapter, which points out, that He came in lowliness. He was despised and rejected. He suffered for us, the Lord has placed on Him the iniquities of us all. He was afflicted,yet He opened not his mouth. He died as a felon though he was guiltless. That He will Justify many. He poured out His soul into death. He was numbered with transgressors. He bare the sin of many. Made the intercession for the transgressors.( Take time and check it out)

Chapter 1-39 The Judgement of God. Isaiah saw things to come to pass in his own time.Chapter 1-12 Judgement on Judah and Jerusalem. Chapter 13-27 Judgement on nations. Chapter 28-35 warnings and promises. chapters 36-39 Historical. He saw the coming captivity by Babylon. Chapter 39:6

Chapter 40-66 The comfort of God- Gods Grace. chapter 40-48 Jehovah and Idols. In 48:10 “see I have refined you,but not like silver; I have tested you to the furnace of affliction.” Through His Grace He transforms our difficulties into Blessings. However it requires our obedience and faith. It is the whole of our life experiences that God is able to use to increase our faith,expand our capacity to love and witness to the world. In a relationship with Jesus, our trials assume a whole new perspective. God uses them to His Glory when we let Him. Chapter 49-57 The coming Messiah. Chapter 58-66 final restoration and promised Glory.He saw the first and the second coming of Christ, and proclaimed finally the millennium and the new heavens and new earth.

Starting from the Book of Isaiah are the seventeen books of Prophecy.They fall into a subdivision of 5 and 12 as did in the first 17 books . First 5 Genesis -Deuteronomy law and redemptive,Historical Next 12 Joshua through Esther Historical. From Isaiah prophetic 17 books are 5 Major Prophets and 12 Minor Prophets. In the middle are Job through Song of Solomon Personal and Poetry. Now in Isaiah there are 66 chapters and in the Bible 66 Books.Isaiah has two divisions under the judgement section Chapters 1-39. The second under the comfort section 27. Chapters 40-66. so does the Bible has 39 books in Old Testaments and 27 in New Testaments. The Book of Isaiah is quoted more than 66 times in the New Testament.


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