Jeremiah was known as a weeping prophet and the prophet of a broken heart. the historical setting of Jeremiah is found in II Kings 22-25. Jeremiah lived in a time like our present time. Isaiah had told Judah in his prophecy that Judgement was coming unless they turned to God. Jeremiah`s message was to notify the people of Judah that their judgement was now at hand and that nothing could have save them from punishment. He was born as a priest chosen to be prophet before he was born called to the prophetic office,forbidden to marry because of the terrible times Rejected by his people hated and beaten and imprisoned. wanted to resign but couldn’t.

Chapter 1-39 . The Prophet call in chapter one. 2-20 are general prophecies. 21-39 are specific and 39 talks about the Fall of Jerusalem, to Babylonia. 23:26 The ministry of Jeremiah also includes the prophecies about Christ and His Future.In 30:1-10 talks about the second coming and His Reign as King.31:31-34 prophecy of covenant of Grace not the covenant of Law, not an outward command demanding obedience- but an inward renewal of holy desire and motive. This new covenant is centered in Christ Jesus.He also teaches us some divine truth that God calls men to speak for him.god rules in the affairs of men. sin does not go unnoticed.God will faithfully keep his promise to Israel. God would send Messiah and set up His reign.

In 23:1 The message against faithless shepherds, 25:9-13 The 70 year captivity prophesied. 36: 18-28 The Word destroyed but never dies.

Chapter 40-44 Here Jeremiah prophecies about the 9 Gentile Nations.

The Book of Lamentations

The Book of Lamentation is a book of mourning, over Jerusalem because of the sin and Jeremiah`s soul was caused to grieve when people were taken, and the Holy City destroyed. Lamentation means “to cry aloud.” This was one of the books of the Rolls which was read at the anniversary of the destruction of the temple. Song of Solomon was read publicly by the Jews at the Passover. Ruth was read at the feast of Pentecost. and Esther at the feast of Purim.

Chapter 1 The plight of Jerusalem. The mourning of Sin

Chapter 2 The anger of Jehova

Chapter 3 The grief of Jeremiah confession of sin, the mercy and goodness of God. We can say with Jeremiah Great is His faithfulness

Chapter 4 Again the anger of Jehovah

Chapter 5 The prayer of Jerusalem. We can see the Ray of Hope here.

Lamentations has set of 5 poems.Chapters 1,2,4, all have 22 verses with each verse starts with a a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. chapter 3 has 66 which has triplet verses for each alphabet and chapter 5 has 22 verses but not with the same pattern.


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