Ezekiel like Jeremiah was a Priest as well as a Prophet. Ezekiel means God strengthens He was taken captive to Babylon during Nebuchadnezzar s Ezekiel like Jeremiah was a Priest as well as a Prophet. Ezekiel means God strengthens He was taken captive to Babylon during Nebuchadnezzar time on second captivity. Ezekiel is the prophet of the Jews in exile, while Daniel was Gods ambassador. the message in this book is clearly “They shall know that I am Lord” and it is repeated seventy times.

Chapter 1-3 The Call and commission of Ezekiel came in the form of a vision,” I saw, I heard and I fell, and stand,heard and send,say “He heard the signs of the judgement in a whirlwind and fire followed by four cherubim s with four faces. The same living being was in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3:24 and appear at the throne of God in Rev 4:6-8, each had four faces-a lion, an ox, a man and a eagle. Also in Mathew Christ is pictured as Lion,in Mark as Ox, In Luke as man, in John as Eagle. In Chapter 2:3 the commission is given starts.

Chapter 4-24 The Judgement on Jerusalem¬†:chapter 4-7 Judgement on Jerusalem,chapter 8-11 reasons for judgement, chapter 12-24 symbols and messages of Judgement. Again he gets a vision and preaches to the Jews that Jerusalem would be destroyed. He sees the Judah profaning the temple,image of jealousy,seventy Jewish elders burning incense tot he beasts,women weeping for Greek God, Twenty five men worshiping the sun. God saying “I will deal in fury” The picture of Judgement, Departure of the presence of God from the temple. The departure of Glory of God from Jerusalem.The doom of the city was sealed.

There were also some symbolic actions . God caused him to be dumb. His posture in side ways- for days he could lay only on his side . He had a sign of the brick drawing of Jerusalem. Shaving of his hair. Removal of household goods. the death of his wife without mourning.

chapter 25-32 Judgement on the Foes of Judah. the prophecy of Tyre here is fulfilled exactly by Alexander The Great some 250 yrs later.We also see the Satan is the evil force God speaks to Satan through King of Tyre, and describes the unfallen state of Satan.both in Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 Saying: wisdom and beauty,you were in Eden,anointed cherub that covers,perfect-till iniquity was found in thee. sinned- therefore I cast thee-out of mountain of God,thy heart lifted up because of thy beauty

Chapter 33-39 Israels resurrection. In chapter 34 it talks about the False Sheppard and one true Sheppard Jesus is described . and in 37 The two kingdom of Israel and Judah shall be one again as symbolized two sticks that became one, and Messiah the King– King David will be over them, which is described in detail by Paul in Romans 11th chapter.

Chapters 40-48 Israel in the land during the kingdom age,
the millennial temple which is described in Zechariah 14,and Rev 19, and 20, with the purpose of for the reign of Christ and The glory of God. the East Gate closed. and the sacrifices. Jerusalem will be called Jehovah– Shammah meaning “The Lord is There”


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