The Book of Daniel is the old testament Apocalypse which means unveiling of the secret purpose of God. Which is not known until they are revealed. Revelation is the New testament Apocalypse . This is revealed by Visions which appear about 32 times. It is about the New Testament prophecies, about manifestation of Man of sin, The great tribulation,the return of the Lord, The resurrection and the Judgments.Daniel was the Prophet of the gentile, and his vision sweeps the entire course of the Gentile world and through the messianic Kingdom of Jesus Christ. So it is the vision of the End times. So the Book of Daniel and Revelation cannot be understood with out reading both. What was Sealed in Daniel is unveiled in Revelation. This has similar theme as Ezekiel as God reveals “They shall know that I am Jehovah”.also “That the most high ruleth in kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever He will”. Daniel means God is Judge.

Chapter 1-6 Talks about the History. Chapter 2 talks about the Nebuchadnezzar`s Dream which is a prophetical outline of the future history of world powers.chapter 3 we see the King erecting a Gold image to perpetuate himself demanding the people to worship him and when Daniel and friends refused were cast into fire and they saw the son of God. And the King called them out and saw they were not harmed and sent a decree to destroy anything against their God Jehovah. In chapter 4 King had another dream of a great tree and was interpreted by Daniel and it came to pass exactly to be true. In here the king was stricken with madness for seven years representing the tribulation. the stump was spared and after seven years sprouted representing the gentile nations whose knee shall bow and they shall seek the lord. In Chapter 5 the account of the handwriting on the wall. In chapter 6:The lions and the den and how god delivers Daniel and promotion of Daniel. Chapter 8 has the details of the second and third kingdom which is Medo-Persia and Greece.

Daniel was also taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon as with his 3 friends Shadrach,Meshach, Abed-Nego who were with him in the Lions Den. Daniel was a Statesman as well as a prophet.From his youth he was determined to live by God s law in a foreign land. In moments of crisis he turned to God in Prayer. The book paints a beautiful picture of a man of God who lived out his commitments in very troublesome time. He used His influence wisely. His consistent witness impacted not only his friends but four kings and their kingdoms. He possessed a strong conviction that every word of the Scripture was true therefore he declines food from Kings table because in exodus 34:15 forbade consuming anything offered to idols. He has been challenged to compromise his faith frequently. Daniel was favored by the king because of his exceptional job he did.. and with Gods help.

Chapter 7-12 Talks about the Prophecy 60 years later after Nebuchadnezzar`s first dream Daniel had another vision,also called a dream 7:1 concerning the same world powers.Both the dreams have a setting, interpretation and results, they talk about what shall come to pass, the world power. and in second The saints shall take the kingdom for ever. These are comparison between first and the second dream which represents the same meaning..

Head of Gold -Lion which is Babylon;, Beast and arms of Silver- Bear Represent Medo-Persia,; Belly and thighs of brass- Leopard represent Greece/or USA,; legs and feet of Iron- Diverse Beast Represent Rome,;10 Toes -Ten Horns Represent Old Roman Empire,;Stone -Two little Horns Represent Anti Christ and the Ancient Days Represent Christ.

Mountain- Everlasting Kingdom Represent Millennial

The four kingdoms symbolized by the great image and the beasts were literal kingdoms. It follows then that of the Stone kingdom the millennial Kingdom of our Lord Jesus the King.

Now Chapter 9 is one of the towering chapter in the Bible.

70 weeks or 70- 7= 490 in Jeremiah 25:11-12 and Leviticus 26:33-34. Scripture divides these 70 weeks into three divisions with a parenthesis – the church again between in verse 25- “7 weeks” minus 49 yrs began at the “commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem”(Ezra 1;Ezra 6;,Nehemiah 2 ) and that actually happened as we saw in Ezra and Nehemiah. Next 62- 7`s or 434 years, messiah was cut of (crucified) verse 26

The 70th week is set apart. Between the 69th and the 70th there is an interlude, the parenthesis of the church age. Note in verse 27 “the middle of the week” the covenant is broken by the Anti-Christ with Israel. This last 7 year period is the tribulations-divided into two 31/2 year periods.known in scripture as 31/2 years,42 months or 1260 days . At the end of all of the 70 weeks(after tribulation) Christ will literally will return. the 70th week,the tribulation,has not yet begun it is coming soon! as in I Thessalonians 4:13-18. Which will be the second advent of Christ. The vision of the Glory of God and the final vision and the final mysteries are seen in the last three chapters of prophecy.

Have you ever endured the weight or consequences of sin and felt as though God had left you behind, that He had stranded you in a world far from the comforts associated with home? The book of Daniel paints a portrait of how to serve God faithfully in the middle of such a world and how to persevere in hope even with no immediate solutions to the problems that get us down.

There are some variation in our Bible timeline and many interpretation of Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation . However the important thing is to Accept Jesus and Know that He is in control and have faith,hope and Trust in His Mercy ,Love and Grace Here is another Reference in Detail of the timeline link
“The great complexity of the breakdown of the 1000 years warrants us to humbly except the fact that to try to guess the date of our Lord’s return is impossible. Its’ simply too complex. We are simply to rest in the fact that God has everything under control and on His calendar. “


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