Hosea was to the northern Kingdom as Jeremiah to the southern Kingdom. His personal experiences were designed by God to be an example to the nation. He looked forward to the Assyrian captivity of the northern kingdom. just like Jeremiah looked for the Babylonian captivity of the southern Kingdom. Hosea and Amos were Prophesying to the Northern Kingdom of Israel.Hosea`s prophesy is closely related to that of Amos. Amos was the native of the southern Kingdom. Hosea was known as the ” prophet of Israels zero hour” Israel was deep into sin God `s judgement could no longer be delayed.II Kings 15-17 covers the period of Hosea and records the terrible sins of idol worship and unbridled sex in that time. Return shows up 15 times in Hosea and the message is Return unto The Lord

Chapter 1-3 : Hosea was commanded to marry Gomer. Through the heartbreak of Hosea `s marriage,he had come to see Israels sin against God.Through out the prophecy the prophets personal history was made to be symbolic of the relationship between the Lord and Israel. Because of his tragic details of his personal life he was known as the heartbroken prophet. His sorrow provides a good illustration of the broken hearted Lord in His relationship with sinful mankind. Gomer Hosea`s wife typified the nation of Israel.His children were named to symbolize the judgement. Jezreel means God scatters. Lo-Rhuhamah means not obtained mercy. Lo-Ammi means not my people. Hosea`s patients,compassion and his final acts of redeeming,chastening and restoring Gomer are the same qualities God will,and does have for sinning Israel. 

Chapter 4-14 : Sin,Judgement and ultimate Blessing of Israel. there was a lack of knowledge of God in Israel.There were false priests and prophets. there were immorality. Then there is judgement and punishment of Israel. “They shall sow the wind and shall reap the whirlwind” 8:7. He will remember their iniquity 9:9. Samaria shall become desolate-they shall fall by the sword 13:16. Ephraim is used 37 times for Israel in connection with sin or backsliding. I will ransom them from the power of the Grave. The calves of our lips is best understood metaphorically ,referring to the words that the lips produce in this context Praise to the Lord. The nation has used its lips to praise the idolatrous calves,now it will use its lips to Praise to the Lord God.
Hosea closes his prophecy in a high note . God s never changing love for Israel .This Prophecy of God s bountiful blessing looks to the millennial periods of Christ s righteous beneficent rule. Only God can save Israel from national extinction. After the judgement is complete there is ultimate Blessing of Israel. The national repentance and restoration will be realized in the millennium to His full favor. This prophecy of God ` s Paul applies verse 14 to the resurrection of Christ,which guarantees the resurrection of all believers. The application here is : Israel is the adulterous wife of Jehovah,to be restored in Grace. 2:16-23 The church is the virgin espoused to one husband ii Corinthians 11:1-2. Israel then is the wife Hosea 2:23 The church is the Lamb `s heavenly bride Rev 19:7.

The Book of Joel

Joel was a prophet to Judah. His name means “Jehovah is God”. Joel was one of the earliest prophet of Judah. His frequent call to blow the trumpet in Zion to consecrate a fast,to proclaim a solemn assembly,and to gather the people together to to come before the Lord to alarm that the prophecy was issued from the temple court. He has been called “The Prophet of Pentecost” Joel was a special prophet for “Day of the Lord”. This is mentioned 5 times. It is that period of time which is in contrast to man s day or Satan s Day. It begins with the Great Tribulation and extends through the Millennial Kingdom. He is also a great prophet of repentance, on both personal and national scale.

Chapter 1:1 to 2:27 : God s Judgement. this was literal plague of locusts as a fact and it symbolizes the destruction of Days of The Lord ( the last days during tribulation compare 2:2 with Mathew 24:21 and Daniel 12:1) nothing escapes including drunkards priests the whole earth and the cattle.

Chapter 2:28 to 3:1 The promise of Spirit. This is one of the prophecies partially fulfilled at the time of Pentecost. Peter quotes the words of Joel 2:28,29 in Acts 2:16-18. and the events in Acts 2:19,20 which are not yet fulfilled.

Chapter 3:1-17 Gods Judgement of nations. God taunts his enemies and urges them to get ready for war, even though it would be of no success.This occurs at the end time in the valley of Jehoshaphat (Judgement) at Christ ` s actual return. also in Mathew 25:31,32

chapter 3:18-21 : The restoration of Judah. Zechariah chapter 14 describes this vividly . Look it up. The Lord shall reign in person and the land will be a land of milk and honey.

The Book of Amos

Amos was a herdsman and sycamore fruit picker when God called Him to Prophecy for the Northern Kingdom and to Judah, two years before a huge earthquake in Palestine. It is a reminder of Gods great power in nature and is a warning of His judgement that is about to overtake Israel. The prophecy of Amos is characterized by great boldness coupled with great tact. The prophet gains attention of his audience by pronouncing judgement on Israels enemies before delivering the burden of judgement against Israel herself. In the delivery of his prophecy he is very courageous while being unusually stern and severe. Amos in obedience to God was used mightily to deliver Gods message. Amos prophesied the Birth place of Jesus Amos was a contemporary of Hosea,Isiah and Jonah. Isiah and Micah followed Amos ministry. He attacks Satan s strong fold,Bethel and he is opposed by the idolatrous priest,Amaziah. The purpose of Amos s prophesy is to awaken Israel and its surrounding nations to the fact that the nation is both responsible and accountable for its sins. His theme is then ,the national accountability for national sins.

Chapters 1:1-2:3 Judgement of surrounding nations. Against Syria for cruelty. against Philistine for selling Israelite’s into slavery in Edom. Against Phoenicia for breaking their covenant against Israel. Against Edom for causing Israel to suffer. Against Ammon for violence against Israel. Against Moab for injustice.

Chapters 2:4-6:14 Judgement of Judah and Israel. Against Judah for despising the Law. Against Israel for immorality. And Gods charge against the whole house of Israel – the 12 tribes.

Chapters 7-9 Visions of the Future. Visions of the grasshoppers, Visions of the Fire, Visions of plumbline. Vision of basket of summer fruit,Vision of the Lord at the Alter.
Future kingdom and Davids Tabernacle
. Even though Israel has sunk to an all time low,and judgement is inevitable,still Gods plan for the house of David and His Promise to Abraham have not failed and will ultimately be realized. Though it was marred, it is not beyond Gods ability to repair. Peter quotes these verses at the council of Jerusalem Acts 15:16.17 to demonstrate Gods intention to save Jews and Gentiles alike.


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