Obadiah was Gods messenger to Edom. Edom refers to the territory settled by Esau `s descendants This Book is the shortest book in the Old Testament. Obadiah means “Servant of Jehovah, or worshiper of Yahweh. He delivered the message with intent emotion. Sela or Petra refers to the capital of Edomite, the rose red city. the ancient capital before that was Bozrah.

Obadiah has a vision from God which he prophesies, verse 3:Pride deceives a person or nation. Verse 15: and as thou hast done,it shall be done unto thee. God was angry at them for not letting Israel pass through the mountains on their journey from Egypt also for their disobedience proud and rebellious nature. The Edomites had bitter,persistent spite for Israel. They hated everyone from the family of Jacob, and this was their great sin. Because of her great sin Divine Judgement is pronounced upon Edom. It happened just as God pronounced and Edom as a nation perished and Israel remains.

Verse 1-16 Destruction of Edom. The name Edom means Red . It is the word given to Esau. Gen 36:1, and they lived in Mount Seir. A mountainous region south of dead Sea. It is in what we know as Jordan today. Sier means hairy and rugged, and Esau was a hairy man. the antagonism originated with the twin brothers,Jacob and Esau,persisted through the centuries and is seen through the history of Edom. Num 20:14-21. Edom lost its identity as a nation before the time of Christ and disappeared from history in 70 A.D Even the language of Edom disappeared .

Verse 17-21 Restoration of Israel These verses shows God s protective mercy for His people . no one who fought God `s covenant people ever prospered but paid dearly.This also stresses the bright hope of Israel in the Messianic Kingdom.

The Book of Jonah

Jonah means “dove” His home town Gath-hepher was just three miles from Nazareth,the hometown of Jesus. Jonah is shown as a type of Christ.First – he foreshadows the history of Israel,his nation. Israel out of her own land,finding refuge with gentiles,crying out to Jehovah,displeased with nations- all these were seen in Jonah. Second – Jonah signifies the death,burial,resurrection of our Lord. Jesus confirmed this in His own words in Mathew 12:38-41. Third Jonah is a type of Christ Himself as a “sign”. Luke 11:29-30. Just as Jonah was a sign to Ninevites so shall the son of Man be: Jonah came out of the fish,after three days and three nights, just as Christ came out of the tomb. The gospel was then taken to gentiles just as Jonah was instructed. therefore Jesus has attested the Book of Jonah and all Scripture.

Chapter 1: Jonah Flees, when he was called by the Lord , he did not want Nineveh spared. so he took opposite direction.God brought about a storm to get him where He wanted him to be.

Chapter 2: Jonah Prays. Jonah was in prepared fish s stomach , as an act of preservation and not punishment. and Jonah prays with thanksgiving and praise and re dedication..

Chapter 3 : Jonah Preaches. the city was turned upside down for God because a servant of God had been given a second chance. the city repented and god changed His heart toward them.

Chapter 4 Jonah Learns. Here in this chapter is a dialogue between Jonah and the Lord. Jonah is angry and displeased over Israels dark future,now that Nineveh has been spared. Jonah still maintains a false Jewish nationalism and hatred of all non Jews,especially Assyrians. The message of Jonah rings out loud and clear that God cares for the Heathen. God will spare no extreme to get His message to them,even when the messenger is deliberately disobedient. So He brings correction to Johnah Through a Gourd to cover him from pain and a worm to eat the gourd and then a wind to destroy for which Jonah was concerned and God says if you worry about the Gourd which you didn’t create wouldn’t I worry about the 120,000 persons ( usually male count) This shows the revelationary heart of God when we repent. also, that election of one nation did not mean the rejection of others.

The Book of Micah

Micah is the Prophet usually quoted at Christmas for prophesying the actual city of the birth of Christ. Therefore Micah is associated with the prophesy of Birth of Jesus and Isiah is remembered for prophesying the death of Jesus Isaiah chapter 53. Isaiah was a well educated man while Micah was a man of the fields. Micah means”Who is like Jehovah. He was a prophet of Judah though he often included Israel and Samaria its capital. He prophesies about the Present Judgement and Future Blessing.

Chapter 1-3 :Judgement Declared. verse 1:9 says it is come unto Judah,it is come unto my people and even to Jerusalem. Samaria and Jerusalem The two seats of the northern and southern kingdom,respectively are addressed. The capitals are the seats of corruption which filtered down to and infected the entire kingdom. So there was destruction and passed into obscurity. In chapter 2:12.13 mentions the Breaker is co me up before them: this is a reference to Israels messiah(Jesus) who will break down every obstacle between the people and their God. He will restore them,forgive their sins,and implant within them a new heart. Chapter 3:5-8 cover their lips : They will be put to shame and will show this shame openly.

Chapter 4-5 Blessings promised. The phrase in the last days.reflects the days of the millennium when every promise given to Abraham and to Israel will ultimately be fulfilled. The vine and fig tree symbolizes and represent the basic covenant between God and Israel in all its potential fruitfulness.

Chapters 6-7: Exhortations to Repentance. These chapters are in the form of conversation between Jehovah and His people. The high mark of these pleadings is in 6:8 “He hath shown thee,O man,what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee,but to do justly,and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.” In 7:18 The forgiveness and pardon of a merciful and gracious God toward a sinful mankind is declared by the scriptures to be based on redemptive work of the Savior. You can see this is the theme throughout the prophecies in most books of the old testament and especially in Is.53:3-11,Matt.8:17; Acts 8:32-37; Rom 3:23-25; I Peter 2:21-25. For the Future regathering of the remnant of Israel Jeremiah 23:3

six specific prophecies of Micah have become history.

  1. Fall of Samaria in 722 B C 1:6-7
  2. Invasion of Judah 702 B C 1:9-16
  3. Fall of Jerusalem in 586 B C 3:12 & 7:13
  4. Captivity in Babylon in 586 B C 4:10
  5. Return from captivity 4:1-8.7:11,14-17
  6. Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem 5:2


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