Nahum was from Capernaum. That means village of Nahum. Nahum prophesied about one hundred and fifty years after Jonah. Nahum means comfort. This is because as we see that the ungodly flourish and beat down the innocent people, we know that God has pledged to avenge them in a day to come. Luke 18:7-8, and Romans 12:9

Chapter 1: The certainty of Nineveh `s Doom. Nineveh, the capital of Assyria,was the world `s greatest city in his days.
God saved Nineveh Through Jonah and destruction was prophesied through Nahum because of continuous disobedience. Nahum addressed Judah 1:15. His main message was “God is slow to anger- Great in Power – and will not at all acquit the wicked. 1:3 . We see the goodness of God in Jonah and His severity in Nahum. 1:15 can be compared with Isaiah 52:7., and Romans 10:15

Chapter 2: The siege and capture of Nineveh. Here Nineveh is pictured as making preparation for the attack from Medes,Babylonians,Scythians and others. The battle is vividly described.. the river gates opened and the palace dissolved.

chapter 3: The reason`s for Judgement. this chapter shows that the Nineveh ` s sins are the causes pf her judgement. Nineveh was completely destroyed in 608 B.C according to the prophecy of Nahum. After a century to an extent there was no trace of it.

The Book of Habakkuk

Habakkuk prophesied shortly after the fall of Nineveh to Judah. The Chaldean’s ( Babylonians) were rising to power 1:6 . The just shall live by faith was the central message. 2:4

Chapter 1: The Burden. He cries out to God because the sin was abounding and he was perplexed and burdened with it. The Habakkuk is wise enuf to wait for the Lord. See what He shall say- and what I shall answer in 2:1

Chapter 2: The Vision. God Gave Habakkuk a great vision. in 2:3 the Lord says to Habakkuk the vision is for an appointed time-wait for it- it will surely come. verse 4 is so significant it is quoted 3 times in New Testament Roman 1:17.Galatians 3:11, and in Hebrews 10:38. Verse- 4 says: Behold his(Babylonian) is puffed up;it is not upright in him,but the just shall live by faith. verse-14 says: For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord. Verse 14 is in Mathew 24:30, 25:31, II Thessalonians 1:7.

Chapter 3: A Prayer, The prayer of Habakkuk begins with an appeal for revival.from v-3-15 He praises Jehovah for the works of the past. In the last part V 16-19 we see the Joy of Salvation. the height of the faith. In circumstances at their worst we have rejoicing at its best. this teaches us to place our burden on the Lord and wait on the Lord. and surely God will answer.

The Book of Zephaniah

Zephaniah is the great great grandson of King Hezekiah. He was a Prophet of Judah. Joel and Zephaniah are the prophets of judgement against Judah- yet both tell of a Glorious Deliverance. So the message in this is from desolation to deliverance.

Chapter 1 to 2:3 Wrath coming on to Judah : Because Judah sinned against the Lord , God warns Judah about the coming of the Judgement. Then it closes with an appeal for repentance, and a word of encouragement to the small remnant.

Chapter 2:4 – 3:8 Wrath on Nations : The prophet looks away from Judah to Jerusalem to the surrounding nations and concludes by turning to Jerusalem again to indicate that if God so smites the surrounding nations with judgement, then certainly He will smite the people of Judah who have had the privileges above all others 3:6-8

Chapter 3:9 – 20 wrath to HealingĀ : Here Zephaniah is not looking within at Jerusalem and Judah not the surrounding nations,but looking beyond to a time of Healing and Blessing. The coming Messianic Kingdom is to embrace all nation and the covenant people are to be the center of that Kingdom as in the verses 3:11-20. All afflictions are to be over and Israel is to be made ” a praise among all people of the earth”– verse 20.


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