Haggai,Zechariah and Malachi were God`s messengers during the period of restoration of Jerusalem and the Temple. So they are called Post captivity Prophets. Haggai and Zechariah was to appeal and inspire the Jews to finish building the Temple, which has been discontinued. Malachi`s message was the tragic sin and the apostasy of God `s people. The Spiritual revival of the Holy city has returned to the spiritual coldness., and attained curse.


Chapter 1: The First Sermon :. Reproof ( Sep 1- Sep 24) People neglected building the Lord `s House and were postponing since they were satisfied to sit in their homes and wait until they felt like doing it.,as in verse 2 the time is not come that the Lord `s house should be built. So Haggai says, “consider your ways- build the house” This speaks to us today – we just wait and do not do the work. We must do both wait and work.

Chapter 2:1-9 ; Second Sermon: Encouragement ( Oct 21) Here Haggai encourages them by declaring three great facts. First . Jehovah `s covenant with Israel, and His faithfulness to the covenant. Second The spirit of God remains with them and they should have no fear. Third there shall be a great shaking of the nations(the tribulation) and Christ would be the desire of all nations shall come. and “the glory of this latter House shall be greater than the former” v 6-9

These are the things should inspire us- A covenant,The spirit of the Lord, and the promised return of the Lord.

Chapter 2: 10-19 ; Third Sermon : Blessing. (Dec 24) the people were to ask the priests concerning things of the Law V-11; The Holy cannot make the unholy Holy by contact but unholiness is communicated by contact. v 12-13.Haggai applies this to the Jews. Though they had returned to the land and rebuilt the temple,their hearts were not with the Lord. v-14. so god judged them because their hearts were not changed toward Him. v-15-17. Then God says “consider” God would Bless them because they had obeyed. He would bless them because of His Grace.

Chapter 2: 20-23 ; Fourth Sermon ; Promise (Dec 24th) The message is the same as in v-6-7 to the Governor of Judah -Zerubbabel. It speaks about the Final Purpose of God.Gentile powers would come to an end.”In that Day.” The Lord will make Zerubbabel a “signet” – a sign of authority., a guarantee of the Greater David. It points to the Messiah. Zerubbabel was honored by a place in both genealogies of Christ – Mathew 1:12-17 and Luke 3:27. Christ is truly the son of Zerubbabel and the Son of David. A prefiguring of Christ. and the “signet” of Jehovah, whereby He shall imprint His will,His perfect ideal upon all nations, From the moment of obedience God Blesses each of us.

The Book of Zechariah

Zechariah supplemented the message of Haggai. He was both Priest and Prophet.He was from the family of Aaron. The central message is that ” I am jealous for Jerusalem” 1:14 & 8:1 ; From the time of Zechariah and Haggai the Priesthood takes the lead in the nation. The history of God ` s people falls into three main categories. From Moses to Samuel – Israel under Judges. From Saul to Zedekiah – Israel under kings, From Jeshua to 70 A.D Israel under Priests.

There are more Prophecies of Christ in Zechariah than in any other prophetic Book other than Isaiah. The Prophecy of Christ: Servant : Zech 3:8 Fulfilled Math 12:18; Branch : Zeh 3:8,6:12 Fulfilled in Luke 1:78 ; King Priest: Zech 6:13 ; Fulfilled in Heb 6:20 – 7-1; Lowly king : Zech: 9:9-10 ; Fulfilled in Mathew 21: 4-5 ; Betrayed : Zech 11:12-13 ; Fulfilled in Mathew 27 : 9 ; Hands Pierced : Zech 12:10; Fulfilled in John 19:37 ; Smitten Sheppard : Zech 13:7-9 ; Fulfilled Mathew 26:31; Second coming : Zech 14: 4,9; is yet to be in the near future.

Chapter 1-6 The Night Visions :

1. The horseman among the myrtle trees (1:7-17) The rider on the red horse-God is jealous for Jerusalem and judgement is to fall upon the nations for abuse of His covenant people.
2. The four horns and four craftsmen (1:18-21) Four horns are four nations that had scattered Israel- Babylon,Medo-Persia,Greece and Rome. The four carpenters These are the instrument of Judgement upon the four nations above.
3. The surveyor (2:1-13)Jerusalem is not to be measured as man would measure,-but the Lord Himself shall be a wall around the glorious city.
4. The vision of Joshua the high priest (3:1-10) The vision pictures the removing of iniquity and future glory for Israel- filthy garments removed and a mitre placed on the head and clean clothes
5. The golden lamp stand or candlesticks and two olive trees (4:1-14)God shall rebuild His temple and shall witness in the power.
6. The flying scroll (5:1-4) When God builds His temple as in last vision,His word goes forth to Judge, The scroll is the word of God.
7. The woman in the basket (5:5-11) the woman in Ephah, a measuring container and a symbol of trade,teaches that all corruption,all against God.should go to Babylon,the city of sin.
8. The four chariots (6:1-8) These pictures the judgement of the Lord upon the nations. 9. the symbolic crowning of Joshua-6:1-8 – This is the vision of the second coming of Christ. the unifying idea in all of these visons is that which is expressed in the central message -“I am jealous_ I am returned to Jerusalem” 1:14-16.

Chapter 7&8 Four Messages : The message in these chapters support the central message of Zechariah. God ` s purpose for Jerusalem is unchanged by any ritual or form. He was and is a “jealous God with Great jealousy.” for His people.. These are the messages that teach that worship is the matter of the heart.

Chapter 9-14 The Prophetic Burdens : The First burden is in chapter 9-11 Here we see the first coming of Christ 9:9 and the second coming in 9:10-17. Chapter 10 is a picture of the covenant people scattered and finally restored in their land. Chapter 11 depicts the first coming of Christ and the rejection of Him as messiah,and as in Mathew 27:9 The second burden is in Chapter 12:14. These chapters form one prophecy. the theme is the return of Christ and the establishment of the kingdom on earth. The order of events are The siege of Jerusalem- 12:1:3. the Battle of Armageddon, v 4-9; The grace of God and revelation of Christ to House of David V-10. Godly sorrow for rejecting Messiah as 1st advent v 11-14 ; The cleansing fountain open to Israel 13:1 ; The summary of these events in chapter 13-14 ; The first and second advent are spoken in 9-14 chapters does not mention the age of church. Jehovah shall again take up and complete,His grand purposes with and for and through Israel.

The Book of Malachi

This is the Last Book of the Old Testament Malachi means my messenger. He is the bridge between Old and New Testament. Four Hunmdred years of silence between Malachi and “voice of the one crying in the wilderness ” John the Baptist..John 3:1. He prophesied after Nehemiah and the condition of the Jews were deplorable. The message of Malachi is Behold He Shall come 3:1

Chapter 1:1-5 – The love of God is stated. “I have loved you” saith the Lord” Yet every time the irritated people who said God had failed to prove His Love asked stupid questions of Jehovah.

1) Where in Hast thou loved us? Malachi 1:2. The people of Israel had denied God’s love. They asked for proof of His love. God responds by reminding them that He chose Jacob over Esau, that He protected them and that He has blessed them. They did not need more proof of His love than the covenant that God had made with them.

2) Where in How have we despised Thy name? Malachi 1:6. God tells the people that a son honors his father and a servant honors his master, but they (people of Israel), do not honor Him. They called Him ‘Father’ and ‘Master’, but they didn’t treat Him with the respect due Him.

3) where in How have we polluted Thee? Malachi 1:7. The priests had defiled God’s table by offering sacrifices that were blemished and useless to them. The Israelite’s brought blind, crippled and sick animals for sacrifice, a gift that even the local governor would not accept or be pleased with. This was in direct contradiction to God’s guidelines. Yet the people expected the King of Kings to be pleased with their offering.

4) Wherein have we wearied Thee? Malachi 2:17. God tells the people that they have wearied Him with their words. Our God hears every word we speak and knows our every thought. The people of Israel did not please Him in their thoughts and their words.

5) Wherein shall we return? Malachi 3:7. God says that the people have turned away from His decrees and He is calling them to return to Him.

6) where in How have we robbed Thee? Malachi 3:8. God tells the people that they have robbed Him, by not bringing their whole tithes and offerings to Him.

7) where in How have we spoken against Thee? Malachi 3:13. God tells the people that they have said harsh things to Him. They complained about God. God’s justice was defamed.

Chapter 1:6-2:17,3: 7-15 The love of God scorned. Prophets had cheated the Lord, through lame and sick offerings.and gave less than the best. The Love of god was also scored by the people,first by cheating their brother,then through inter marriage,by their immorality and insincerity ,by their robbing of God and by speaking against the Lord.

Chapter 3:1-6, 3:16- 4:6 The Love of God shown First by sending His only begotten son. and Mathew 11:10. His second coming first by Elijah 4:5-6 and in Luke 1: 11-17;Mathew 11:10-14; John 1:27

Second by remembering His own, How precious to God are His own. A” Book of Remembrance ” is written containing the “Jewels” of the Lord. The Old Testament closes with the paramount thought-“He is coming” Unto you that fear my name, shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings” – 4:2 “Even so come Lord Jesus”


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