The Book of Matthew is the first Gospel of the four. Matthew,Mark ,Luke and John, and they represent four unique presentations of our Lord Jesus. First three are a same or collective view,with outer,human and public aspects of our Lord ` s life. John reveals the inner Divine and private aspects of His life. While John is separated in time and character.The basic purpose of the Gospels are to present the Good News of our Redeemer-Savior, Jesus Christ. and to believe in Christ and to receive Eternal Life. The Jesus who is The Lord of Glory, who is presently alive .

Matthew was the author of the Book, He was a publican,a Jew,a tax collector,and a Levi and was classified as ” publicans and sinners”. He became a disciple of Jesus then an apostle. The Center message is “That it might be fulfilled ” mentioned twelve times.

Chapter 1-4:11 -Introduction with Genealogy, The Birth of Christ, The Preaching of John the Baptist(3:1–12) 2. The Baptism of Jesus (3:13–17) His Baptism and Temptation.In the Old Testaments Jews believed that their Messiah would come out of King David ` s lineage and God will Keep Abraham’s and Davids covenants., thus reiterates that Jesus came from Abraham, the father of Hebrew Nations and the Descendants through King David. In Matthew 1:17 there are 42 generations(male line) from Abraham to Christ. This is a miracle . Luke 3:23-28 records, His genealogy through Mary conceived by Holy Spirit..

Birth of Christ and events surrounding His coming

.Prophecy ———– New Testament Fulfillment

Isaiah 7:14————-Matthew 1:22-23

Isaiah 1:1 ————–Mathew 2:23

Jeremiah 31:15—– Mathew 2:17-18

Hosea 11:1 ———–Mathew 2:15

Micah 5:2————– Mathew 2: 5-6

It is important to realize that our Lord was tempted as a Man. Soon after the Baptism. it says He was tempted. He was tempted in Body-“command these bread to be made stone”. In soul, “Cast thyself down”, In spirit-“fall down and worship me”, That was Satan’s technique to tempt Him in physical,mental and spiritual. The Preaching of John (3:1–12) 2. The Baptism of Jesus (3:13–17)

Chapter 4:12-18 – Describes His ministry in Galilee, His teachings in chapter 5-7; This is the famous Sermon on The Mountain. This is the Law of the Kingdom of God. There is much to be found for practical living today. This speaks about the Virtues,Morals and Motives., Material,Temporal, and social, Then Encouragement,Summary and Exhortation. In Chapter 6 True spiritual Character expressed 1. alms giving.2.praying 3.fasting 5.judging others.

There are two alternative characters: 7:13; Two Gates-7:14; Two destinations 7-21-23;and Two Foundations 7:24-27; . His work in chapter 8-10. Here we see the Ten Miracles Jesus performed. 1.A leper 8:1-4; 2The centurion’s servant 8:5-13; 3.Peter’s mother-in-law 8:14, 15; 4.The winds and the waves 8:23-27; 5. demon-possessed men 8:28-8:34; 6.A paralytic 9:1-8; 7.Woman with blood problem 9:19-22; 8 Raising Daughter of a ruler 9:18-19, 9:23-26; 9.2 healing of blind men 9:27-31 10. Healing A mute man 9:32-34. Although he did much more. Also in chapter 10 Jesus chooses His disciples to be His witness after His return to the Father. Mathew records more of Jesus instruction to them. The Jews were to hear the Gospel first 10:5 then to the Gentiles 28:19.

The reaction of the People in Chapter 11-18. Here The “Kingdom” is used 55 times.and sets forth the Gospel of our King. Since the Prophets had referred to this in Old Testament over and over as in Exodus 19:6 it says“Ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and an holy nation” and so the Jews understood it. After the teachings of Christ, His Galilean Ministry. 1. Death of John the Baptist (14:1–12) 2. Feeding the Five Thousand (14:13–21) 3. Jesus Walks on Water (14:22–33) 4. Healing the Sick (14:34–36) 5. Pharisees and Scribes Protest: On Clean and Unclean (15:1–20) 6. Canaanite Woman’s Faith (15:21–28) 7.Healing the Sick (15:29–31) 8. Feeding the Four Thousand (15:32–39) His Galilean Ministry is evidence in the people questioning the -John the Baptist 11:2-15; Unrepentant cities – 11:20-30; Unreasonable Pharisees – 12:10,14,24; Unbelieving multitudes 13:13-15; The Traditional scribes- 15:1-2; Proof desired by Pharisees and Sadducee.16:1; The 13th Chapter gives the “Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven”

Chapter 16:17-18 When the kingdom was rejected,Jesus and His disciples went to Caesarea Phillipa and there He disclosed the great truth of “The Church”(called out ones) from “ecclesia”. He began to build a new body of both Jews and Gentiles Ephesians 2:14-18 and Acts 10:34-48;.

The Birth of Christ and the events surrounding His coming

Chapter 19-28 – His ministry in Judea. Presentation as King in chapter 19-25; His public Presentation of himself at Jerusalem as Israel ` s Messiah The King. He departed from Galilee and came to the coasts of Judea. From this point His Ministry is in Jerusalem and Judea. The Lord knew the outcome of His appearance. 20:17-19,28; Jesus ` s triumphal entry in 21:1-17, we see that He did offer Himself as Israel ` s Messiah-King and there by fulfilled Zachariah 9:9; In Chapter 21:18-23 conflict is noted. They rejected Him and He rejected them, He who had announced eight”Blessed” in Galilee now pronounced eight “woes” in Jerusalem. Chapter 24,25 discusses the Olivet Discoure which is the Judgement: This is the account of the End time.The signs of the Present age,Signs of Great tribulation, Signs of The coming Son of Man;The Parable of The Two servants;The parable of the 10 virgins,The parable of the Talents; and The Judgements of The Nations;The Triumphal entry of Jesus ends with His words of ultimate Triumph. This is sure prophecy spoken by The True Prophet. We are now in a period when we can see the prophecies of the Olivet Discourse unfolding before our eyes each day.

The events of His Crucifixion, Chapter 26-27;, The Glorious Resurrection in Chapter 28

  1. The Plot 26:1-15: Jesus after saying all the discourses Fortells the crucifixtion in 26:2, They assemble and make a plot to kill Him, in 26:15,16 Judas takes the opportunity to betray Jesus.
  2. The Anointing 26:6-13When Jesus was in Bethany comes with a expensive alabaster oil and pours the oil over His head. and Jesus says it is memorial for His Burial.
  3. The Passover 26:17-35; When disciples asks Him where to prepare He tells them where to go and ask,.. He spends the Passover with His disciples and this is “The Last Supper”.
  4. The Garden 26:36-56 ; First we see t our Lord withdrawn from the twelve and fasting and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane
  5. Trial Before the Jews 26:57-75; Jesus is before the Governing body and was condemned for claiming to be Israel ` s Messiah. He remained Silent. Christ foresaw all that is about to happen.
  6. Trial Before Pilate 27:1-26; Then He is before the Roman Governor
  7. The Crucifixion 27:27-56; There are Seven last words of Jesus on the cross ine in Mathew 27:46. and the rest in oth
    Christ foresw all that is about to happen. ospels. Mathew describes more vividly than Mark.Luke and John the mirraculous happenings of the surrounding His Death – The darkness at mid-day,the earthquake, the cleaving rocks,the grave disturbed.,The rending of the Viel of the temple from top to bottom. The crucified is the Sonof God!!
  8. The Burial 27:57-66
  9. The Resurrection 28:1-15; This gives the climax to all victorious to our faith, Mathew is not concerned with the theological argument of the fact – But the Fact itself. The Angel anounced the Resurrection .The Lord Jesus is seen. The Jewish authorities lie about it.
  10. The Commission 28:16-20 The commission to the deleven and to us


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