The Gospel of Mark is written primarily for the Romans. He was known as Mark John.John was his Jewish name and Mark was his Roman name. He was a Jew son of a Mary Acts 12:12. He was companian to Paul and closer companian to Peter.. in thier journeys and His Gospel influenced in Peter ` s Style.

Mark presents Jesus as a Servant and concentrates on what Jesus work recording 20 miracles and gives the central message “The son of Man came not to be ministered unto,but to minister,and to give His life Ransom for many” Mark 10:45.

Chapter 1 :1-13 ; Sanctification. Mark introduces”Jesus The Son of God, From Isiah”prepare ye the way of the Lord”. John the Baptist – “There cometh one Mightier”; From God – “Thou Art My Beloved Son”

Chapter 1:14 – 8: 30 ; Service – The ministry of Jesus in Galilee begins by his “preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom” Jesus selected the Four to become the first of the twelve. He taught people were astonished at His doctrine.Demons cast out, a fever healed,.invalids cured,.leper healed,.He wanted him to be cleansed not only outward but inward also. He proclaims remission of sins.The people amazed at His authority,.His Fame spread throughout Galilee.

Chapter 2 brings quick reactions from the Scibes and from the Pharisees.He notes the perfect answer from Jesus. He talks about fasting not when He is with Him only when He is taken unto heaven when they are grieving. He talks about the old and new cloth not sewn toghether because it will make the tear worse and about the new wine cannot be mixed in old wineskins..The point here is: the old faith ofJudaismand the new faith of Christianity cannot be mixed nor can the practices or traditions. example the time of fasting of Judaism be forced on christianity. . Jesus astounds by defying the then-current Sabbath practices. Jesus reasoning is that divine institutions on earth are to have a God Honoring,nobleand liberating function. Sabbath laws for some,degenerated into a mockery of God ` s intent. Jesus the son of Man and God... of The Sabbath having power to forgive sins,can also teach rightlyregarding proper observaces of theJewish Sabbath,Jesus says, “The The Sabbath was made for man,not man for Sabbath”. Which annoys the Pharisees.

In Chapter 3 He ordains the twelve. whom without doubt represent in some new form the nation of Israel with its twelve tribes. They have three functions, to be with Him, To be sent out to preach, and to share more of His uncannymastery over physical and spiritual disorder.and the more of His opposition,

In chapter 4 The parables of Jesus. The parables are short story that makes a comparison.` The parable of the sower represent Four soils and four types of people 1.Unresponsive– seed by the way side. Fail to respond to the seed or word of God,so satan quickly removes it so they are not saved. 2. Impulsive people – Seed on the stony ground. receives immidiately but not counting the cost eventually get offended by the truth and persecution. 3. Preoccupied people—Those amoung thorns. allow legitimate matters to interfere cares of this world such as deceitfullness of riches and the lusts of the other things to take priority over the Gospel. 4. The Good people– Those on the good good ground who hear and receive the Gospel which bears the fruit of –
Faith,obedience,and fidelity in them. there were many other parables That the light cannot be hidden and the Truth will be shown in Divinely time table. and that it will be revealed or understood according to our attention or in propotionate to our studying the Bible.The remainder of His Miracles, more miracles and more opposition. Such miracles reveled the identity of Christ. as they had never been witnessed in all the earth . Truly He was the Son of God and people flocked by His side, to see Him and Hear Him.and the healed, the Blessed, and the Thankful all applauded Him.

Chapter 8 :31- chapter 15 ; Sacrifice – The light dims and and the scene changes, from His Service to the Sacrifice on The Cross, after Peter state”Thou art The Christ” and the Lord began to preach why He came and Jesus has the Cross uppermost in His mind.

Chapter 16 : Resurrection and Accension The bodily resurrection of Christ is one of the cardinal doctrines of the christian faith. All four Gospels record that fact. He is the ascended Lord, The servant highly exalted – working in and through us “we are laborers toghether with Him” 1Chor 3 :9.. The last verses gives Hope,assurance , Help and comfort. They are part of the word of God.


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