Exodus means going out .Exodus is the story of God  fulfilling his promise to Abraham.  Multiplying his descendants into a great nation Gen 12:2  from Jacobs family of 70 to 60,000 plus women and children who came out of Egypt., Redeeming them from bondage  the through blood of sacrifice and Power of God, out of slavery in Egypt to liberty in Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey.  Jacob and his family entered  Egypt to escape famine 430 years before the Exodus. Exodus 12:40 and Gal 3:17. When Jacobs family entered after they discovered that Joseph was the governor, he had risen on position and power leading Egypt to become a powerful and prosperous Nation. Then Joseph died in 1800 B.C.  A new King rose to power in Egypt began a policy of controlling and enslaving the people of Joseph. The deliverance of bondage is a seminal event in Israel`s History, the crossing of the red sea, becomes a visual sight of God’s Redemption.

Exodus was written by Moses Luke 24:44,  The first 18 chapters talks about Exodus. The power of God  bringing people out of bondage to new Freedom and Life. .Moses was born In about 1527 B.C. He spends 40 yrs in the royal palace and went into Exile.  Moses spends 40 yrs in Median, receives the Call and announcement of deliverance. Chapters 5-11. Nine plagues of Pharaoh  Deliverance by Blood and Power- here the institution of Passover with the 10th Plague 11:5 death of firstborn  which is thru blood The crossing of red sea which is God`s Power. 

Chapter 19 through 24 talks about the Law.God then Gave them the law and instructions for building the Tabernacle.  Holiness of God,people were brought under law and  given Responsibility. The 10 commandments governing of moral life 20:1-7.  Judgement governing social life. chapter 21-23, ordinances governing religious life chapter 24. and The law was given to  provide a standard of righteousness Deuteronomy 4:2-8

Chapter 25 through 40 talks about the Tabernacle Where wisdom of God, and brings them into new love and fellowship. Israel  is  given a special privilege. Tabernacle portrays Christ (Hebrew 12:8-12). The pattern was given to Moses during his 40 days in the mountain with God.It was designed to teach spiritual truth. Israel lapses into Idolatry and  building the tabernacle is delayed and finally built in one year.

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