The Beloved of Jesus John the Apostle was the son of Zebedee,The brother of James, these two were surnamed by our Lord”The sons of thunder”. John wrote three Epistles,the Revelation and this Gospel. John was the beloved Pastor at Ephesus, and later 95 A.D. He was exiled to Patmos by the emperor domitian where he wrote the Book of Revelation. A prominent feature of this Gospel is its emphasis on the diety of our Lord Jesus Christ. It brings to climax the full purpose of God in Christ. “But as many as received Him,to themgave He the power or authority to become the sons of God,evento them that believe on His name” John 1:12 and also emphasizes all through the Gospel ” But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name”. John ` s purpose is clearly Evangelistic that his readers may believe John 20:31; In the other three Gospels we learnt what Jesus said,did and felt, we have seen the high points of His life and ministry in His supernatural Birth,His Baptism,His Temptation,Transfiguration,crucifixtion and Asencension. In all of the three we have learnt what He was and now John presents the completion of who He was. The other three were the Presentation of Christ and in John is an interpretation of Him. The first three show Jesus outwardly and John shows inwardly. John truly exposes the Divine- He is God-Man. The earlier three show Lord ` s public utterences while John shows the private conversations and thoughts.

Chapter 1:1-18; The Prologue: The word Eternal,and The word incarnate. These captures the four names or destinations of our Lord. “word” “Life” “Liight” “Son” . In relation to the Father,He is the word and the Son.Our Lord Jesus is the word The expression of God toward all men and also the expression of God before all of our creation, Jesus was not from the beginning,He was in the beginning,He was not only with God – He WAS GOD. Jesus is the Son, “in bosom” of the Father… there can be no eternal Fatherhood without Eternal Sonship. In relationship to us ,He is Life and Light. From Him radiates all illumination,both intelectual and spiritual, these two words,Life and Light go together,or correspond with the Word and Son. As the Word, He Jesus is the expresser,revealer,illuminator the light. As the Son,He Jesus is the quickener,the imparter of Life- God in the flesh- The incarnate. Besides these Grace and Truth are mentioned in verse 14,16 Full of grace to redeem mankind and full of truth to reveal God because His is the God-Man,revealer and Redeemer. In verse 1 in the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was GOD and the WORD wasGOD in verse 14 and the WORD was made Flesh- and dwelt among us, Full of Grace and Truth.

Chapter 1:19-12:50 ; His Public Ministry. John record seven signs or miracles which prove that Jesus is the Son of God. 1. Turning water into wine. 2 : 1-11; 2. Healing the nobleman ` s son 4:46-54; 3. Healing the man at Bethesda 5:1-18; 4. Feeding the 5000 – 6:1-14; 5. Walking on the water 6:15-21; 6. Healing the Blind Man 9:1-41; 7. Raising of Lazarus- 11:1-57; John recors the “New Birth” conversation with Nicodemus in chapter 3; Je record the incident with the Samaritan woman in 4:1-42 to reveal Jesus is the water of Life or living water. He pictures the fourfold witness of Christ in John the Baptist,His works,The Father and the Scriptures. The raising of Lazarus is the last sign in John ` s Gospel. He was dead for four days,but that made no difference to Jesus. Here then is recorded the great words of Jesus on resurecction,death and life verse 25-26. also note Martha referenced “the resurrection at the last day”

Chapter 13-17; The Private Ministry. Here we see the heart of Jesus. He teaches by every word and act,His diciples and us. In Chapter 13-Humility-verse 5;cleansing-in verse 10;Love in Verse-14; Chapter 14 – Comfort,His second coming – verse 1-6; Promise of trhe Holy Spirit -verse 16-18 and 26. Chapter 15 – Abiding in Christ – Verse 7-9 ; another promise of Holy Spirit in v 26-27; Chapter 16 – The work of the Spirit v=7-11; new truth revealed by the Holy Spirit Verse 12-14 ; Chapter 17- we see the Lord ` s Prayer. Jesus promises the coming of the Holy Spirit,whom Jesus will send after He Acends, as the Comforter who comes from the Father, The Holy Spirit always Glorifies Jesus, not Himself the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, our Guide,our comforter

Chapter 18-19 ; His suffering and Death; From the Prayer of Chapter 17- The Lord ` s Prayer . Jesus goes to Gethsemane a Garden followed by His arrest-trials-scourging-crucifiction-Death, None of these experiences Jesus tried to delay or avoid. The “Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” was”obedient unto death,even the death of the cross” Phil.2:8; His Jewish trial before Annas,the High Priest; His Roman trial before the Pilate,before Herod and again before Pilate. In chapter 19 In death it shows six things. 1. His identity 19:19 2. His garments 19:23; 3. His mopther 19:25-27; 4. His death 19:28-30; 5. His death verified in 19: 36 also from old testament. 6. His body buried 19:38-42- Nicodemus is mentioned in v-39; and only John records it is finished.

Chapter 20-21 ; Victory over Death : On the third Day the tomb was emptyt and He came out of the grave with a spiritual body. He appeared ten different times after His resurrection- The seventh one being to Thomas John 20:28. His last word of instruction to Peter and to us “Follow thou me-till I come” 21:22

There is a remarkable parellel between the furniture of the Tabernacle and the Gospel of John. The approach to God is one and the same in both. John leads us in exactly the same order as those seven articles of furniture, to the great spiritual realities which they typify.

In Chapter 1 by leading us to the Brazen Alter of sacrifice – Behold the Lamb of God,ect – v:29. The Atonement of Christ on the Cross. In Chapter 3 He takes us through the Laver of cleansing – “Except a man be born of water and the spirit” – v:5; Christ cleansing us of our spot and wrinkles. In chapter 4 – 6 he takes us to the Tabernacle ShewBread with its food and drink, concerning “living water” – 4:14 and the “Living Bread” 6:51; Christ as our Living Bread. In chapter 8,&9 John takes us to the Golden Candlesticks for twice we hear Jesus say, “I am the Light of the world” – 8:12 & 9:5; Christ our Light. In Chapter 14 – 16 we are at the Golden Alter of Incence learning to Pray – prayers like a fragrant incense when breathed in the name of our Lord, 14:13-14;16:23-24; Prayer in the Name of Jesus. In the 17th Chapter – the great intercessory prayer of Jesus, our High Priest,we are taken through the “veil” into the Holy of Holies – all of chapter 17;Christ as our access to God. In Chapter 18&19 we see Calvary – how Jesus is the ARK OF THE COVENANT and the MERCY SEAT sprinkled with His own Blood – Promising in Chapter 20 to return to His Father and Our Father and to His God and Our God. Christ is Mercy Seat -” Propitiation” Romans 3:5;


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