The Book of Acts is written by Luke and I am dividing by two section . Chapter 1-12 and Chapter 13-28. The first part talks about Jerusalem as the center with Peter as the main character and Gospel in Jerusalem,Judea and Samaria. Ending with Peter `s imprisonment. In the next section Antioch as the center with Paul as Character with Gospel to Utmost part which is Rome and Paul being imprisoned. Luke opens both books in similar ways addressing them to Theophilus. The Acts of the Apostle has also been called The Acts of the Holy Ghost. All of the disciples are mentioned in the first chapter and twenty three times elsewhere. But the detail accounts of only two — Peter and Paul.

The main message Acts 1:8 – ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you,and ye witnesses unto Me,both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria,and unto the uttermost part of the earth. The truth then is Power-witness -Everywhere.

Chapter 1: The Resurrection Ministry and Ascention of Christ. Christ was seen in His Resurrection body for 40 days.. and Ascended into Glory. He told His deciples to Tarry , wait for the Power of The Holy spirit for few days. The deciples waited in the Upper Room until the Day of Penecost was fully come. which was 10 days after Ascenssion and Pentecost means “50” . Because the coming of the Holy Spirit occured on the 50th Day. Leviticus 23:15-16 after Feast of First Fruit. Acts 1:4-5 Speaks of “Ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost” In comparing Scripture with Scripture we see that Jesus means exactly what Scripture says. By Spirit babtism we are joined to the body of Christ — placed in His Glorious body, the Church. mentioned in 1 Cor.12:13;Eph 4:5;Romans 6:3-5; Col 2:12;Gal 3:27;1Peter 3:21; The Spirit is the Baptiser placing us in “the body” of Chirst. — “a building”– “The Bride” — at the moment of our acceptance of Christ– 1:8-9; So in Chapter 1 all that Christ taught us and Promised coming to a Climax.

On the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit Decended on them ,fell on them or The Spirit filled them. So on this day of The Pentecost The Holy Spirit came to indwell The Church of God– All of us who believe just as the Shekinah Glory of God had infested the Tabernacle and temple with His Glorious Presence. So the Holy Spirit abides in His Church. Also in The day of Pentecost The Holy Spirit came to indwell in every believer personally and individually. For each one of us who is saved is a temple indwelt by the person of Holy Spirit. This is a gift given to every believer After Jesus ascended into Heaven is indwelt and never is withdrawn. In the old Testament the holy Spirit came and departed as God willed.. This difference is mentioned in John 14 – 16th chapters.

The signs of Pentecost are 2:1-4; All in one accord. Sound as a mighty wind, Appeared -Tongues- like as of Fire. All filled with the Holy Spirit. Other tongues as Spirit gave..The tongues were not unknown tongues.. but the Holy Spirit gave them the ability to speak to others in their tongue. There can only be one Day of Pentecost just as one Calvary and one Resurrection, one second coming. It will never be repeated. In the New Testament, the Lord God is Choosing a New Temple not made with skins and tapeseries- not of stone and fine ornaments. This new temple is built on the foundation of Christ out of Living Stones who are regenerated believers in the Lord. 1 Peter 2:5.

Peter ` s sermon and The First Church 2:14-47 Peter quotes Joel 2:28-29 and that relates to this age of Grace.and Joel 2:30-31 which relates to the consummation of this age and the return of Christ. The serman simply is “Jesus , a man approved of God” The church is the Eeclesia meaning called out ones and Here 3000 souls were saved. and everyday God added to the Church daily and They were praising God. In Chapter 4 We see that “they heard and Believed and 5000 were saved.” Peter and John went back to the church and they prayed. In chapter 5 there were many tests and along with that God gave them many victories. In Chapter 8 The church as Jesus promised in Acts 1:8 and 2:38. With great persecution of the Church at Jerusalem, the Church was Scattered to Judea and Samaria. Peter the prossessor of the keys,laid hands on believers and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

.Stephen was Martyred He was a Deacon spoke with Power, which is in Chapter 6-7 .
The important thing to note here is that, It took Stephen` s death for Paul to be challenged by his faith. He was saved on Damascus road- became a chosen vessel of God,His name was changed to Paul from Saul. When he got converted began preaching immediately. Which is in Chapter 9

God` s approval on the salvation of all Jews and gentiles is described in Chapter 10. verse44-48 has been called the “Gentile Pentecost” at Pentecost Peter used the keys of the kingdom to open the Gospel to the Jews . Here we see Peter was the sovereign choice through whom the keys of the Kingdom to open the Gospel to the Gentiles. They spake in tongues,understandable, and not in unknown tongue. Cahpter 11 the Antioch becomes the center of Gentile church.Barnabas is sent to Antioch as Pastor by the Jerusalem church and wants Paul to help.

Persecution Again– but the word continued to multiplied in Chapter 12, Here James the brother of John is executed. Peter imprisoned, The Church prayed for Peter. Herod dies- God smote him v-23. But church multiplied v24. So the first section of the Book of Acts closes with the Gospel have been carried out exactly as Jesus instructed in Acts 1:8 and Peter was chosen first. History tells us the Jerusalem church multiplied to over 100,000 after only 7 years.


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