Book of Acts ll is from Chapter 13-28. This Part is mainly about the ministry of Paul the Apostle. In the last part l we saw the conversion of Saul who is Paul.13:9. His conversion was caused by the way he had done against the Christians and Jesus said, “why persecutes thou me – I am Jesus whom thou persecuted- it is hard for thee to kick against your conscious”= 9:4-5. Paul was providentially prepared for his ministry- He was a Jew by birth- a Roman Citizen- educated in Greek culture- trained in the Scripture by the Holy Spirit and at Jerusalem. The Main message reflects in Acts 1:8 “Ye shall be witnesses- unto the utter most part of the earth.” Antioch is the center here. Paul evangelizes with Three journeys, Paul imprisoned.

Chapter 13 – 21:17 — The Church Extended. The Churches are the churches of the ancient Roman provinces of Galatia. Thus Paul wrote back to these churches and the book is the Book of Galatians.

Chapter 13-14:28 The — The First Missionary Journey. 13:2 it is mentioned that the Holy Spirit called. so they were ordained and sent on, The journey started at Antioch., to many places and back to Antioch.

Chapter 15:1-35 – The Jerusalem Council. Here the outcome was that Peter,James and John would preach to the Jew and Paul and Barnabas and others would go to the gentiles Galatians 2:1-9.

Chapter 15:36-18:22 — The second Missionary Journey. Paul and Barnabas disagree about John Mark and they divide. Paul chooses Silas and goes back to Galatia and there he finds Timothy. 16:1. Paul wanted to go East but the Holy Spirit wouldn`t let him and they went west to Troas, by the sea, and God gave Paul the Macedonian vision. Luke Joins them there as he mentions it in v 10 as we, from this point on. They go through many places as in 16:11-18:22,and finally up to Jerusalem and back down to Antioch.

Chapter 18:23 –21:17 — The Third Missionary Journey. Paul revisited the places of the first journey strengthening the churches. and the points of second journey also.He goes from Ephesus to Tyre to Caesarea. The holy spirit forbids Paul to go to Jerusalem just yet but he went anyway, saying “The will of the Lord be done”

Chapter 21:18-22:29 — Paul encounters the Mob and gets arrested. Paul`s principle of life among Jews was one of accommodation. among the Jews he became as a Jew as long as the principle of Grace was not at stake. as in 1 Corinthians 9:19-22; So when the Jewish brethren asked Paul diffused the situation by joining the 4 men who took the vow , he consented. He would pay the temple fee and purify himself with them. By doing this he could demonstrate that he was not hostile towards the Mosaic law or the Jews who observed it. But after the seven days of this the Jews from Asia stirred up all the people and beat him up until the chief captain came and bound him with chains and inquired and Paul identifies himself to the captain to grant him permission to address to the Mob, and Paul testifies before people Paul` eventually sent to the castle as a Prisoner 22:1-29 is his defense to the Mob.`
From chapter 21 through the end of the Book Paul is in Bondage. He goes through a series of groups Sanhedrin, who were the council of Jerusalem, then the Governor,after that the King Agrippa Finally he awaits Trial in Rome. Everywhere Paul gives Testimony., as in Acts 23:11; Even through the perils of the voyage,Paul was assured of a safe arrival Paul arrives in Rome , and was allowed to dwell by himself with a soldier and that guarded him. He stayed there two years and preached to everyone that came to see him, 28:30-31; During this imprisonment Paul wrote Philippians,Ephesians,Colossians and Philemon. Paul was liberated sometime after his first imprisonment and he did write I and II Timothy and Titus too. We do know from II Timothy 4 just before his martyrdom that he wrote the II Timothy, He was in the Mamertime dungeon about 68 A.D The record stops here and has no conclusion because the Acts of the Holy Spirit continue to work in and through us, His body The Church, to be concluded at the coming of Christ for His Church.


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