I Corinthians both complement and contrasts Paul s great doctrinal epistles of the saints of Rome. At least two factors prompted Paul s letter. First he has received word from two sources of division in the church and Paul shows them that it is totally incompatible with the Gospel of Christ.. Second the assembly requested answers to a series of questions. 7:1 he felt obliged to answer. The central message “wisdom of God as in 1:24,30; 2:4-8

The City of Corinth was a wealthy commercial center which had two harbors one facing Italy and the other facing Asia. It was located 40 miles from Athens.It was a wealthy commercial center . The wealth of Corinth was acquired by hauling freight and smaller vessels across Isthmus and by levying tolls to such commerce . The original Corinth was known for its Aphrodite Greek goddess.of love and beauty and the service was serviced by 1000 slave girls who doubled as prostitutes and entertained the nightlife. Therefore called “sin city”. Corinth s fortune fell dramatically in 146 B.C. when Rome sacked the city. Julius Caesar re built it in 46 B.C. The moral depravity of Corinth, in the pagan world. vividly reflected the spiritual need for the city. Luke records the origin of the church in Acts 18:1-17; A synagogue in the midst of every type of cult and a large contingency of Jews. Paul came in A.D. 51 after a courageous evangelistic effort at Athens.. Paul ministered in Corinth about 18 months, and during that time he wrote I and II Thessalonians.

Chapter 1:1-9 ; Salutations and Thanksgiving. In these first 9 verses Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned six times. Paul affirms the fact of their faith on and on with words like people were saved,sanctified, called to be saints. grace of God given you by Jesus Christ.So Paul is not writing to unbelievers but to the believers. and saying ye are yet carnal and babes in Christ. 3 :1-4.

Chapter 1:10- 6; Corrections concerning divisions of the church: Paul says first there is contentions among you, 1:11; The division and strife were caused by the people exalting certain men instead of Lord Jesus Christ, Some followers of Paul, Some followers of Apollos and some of Cepheus. Some followers of Peter. Some followers of Christ.
Paul reproves them
. Man exalting schemes that cause divisions in the church are wrong, because salvation by the cross, sets aside the foolish things of man, God uses,the foolishness of man to save.. Paul teaches that true wisdom is of God. No man can understand spiritual things until Holy Spirit teaches him 2:11-12; and compare Scripture with scripture.Teaching the folly of leaning wrongfully on men rather than Lord. Ministers are servants,
The foundation on which to build: The foundation is Christ. 3:9-23; Rewards are given on the kind of foundation one builds. Fire tests every mans work. Gold,Silver,precious stone will stand the test. Wood,hay,stubble are burned. So build on spiritual things and not on self glory and self satisfaction. Yet you will be saved of fire, Loss of reward and yet you will not loose your salvation. The ministers of Christ are the stewards of the mysteries of God. and they should be examples of humility and faith. The evils of incest with stepmother, the church ignored it, and Paul says put him out of the fellowship until they repent. which is to destruction of sinful nature but not annihilation.Chap 6 The difference between believers should be settled between the fold not by the court.of law where as to be judged by the unbelievers. Since we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Chapters 7_16: Answers Concerning Problems: Answers of Paul indicates in 7:1 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote me. The first answer is concerning marriage. The passage is clear – one wife for one man – if one is an unbeliever the believing mate should stay and try to win the other. In chapter 8,9,10 we see that they go together and answer the question concerning conduct and Christian liberty. These chapters deal with the Christian conduct and its affect on weaker brethren. Five times in these three chapters we find the expression of consideration for the weaker brethren. In chapter 11 Paul talks about the women and the Lord s table. in 11:5 we find a verse that has been grossly misunderstood. The principle of the woman s place is stated in V 3: the head of man is Christ ;The head of woman is Man ; The head of Christ is God. The application of the principle is in V 4-6. The woman certainly did “Prophecy”- teach,speak,exhort,and comfort in that church of Corinth. In this passage Paul`s concern is solely that of head dress in taking part in public worship. V-10 is the badge of authority she was to wear to have the right to speak or pray. Paul was actually a champion for women and he has been misinterpreted terribly. He talks about the Lord`s table, The Lord s supper is recorded in detail in all four Gospels. thus it is important to all believers.Early church had meal before celebrating Lord s supper and it was called “agape” a love feast, disorders has arisen and Paul commands then to discontinue that. then Paul spells out the meaning and simplicity of the Lord s supper. “Do this in remembrance of me” – :ye do show forth the Lord s death till he come” Chapters 12.13.14: Concerning Spiritual Gifts. The three Chapters should be taken together as one. There are gifts given to every man as He wills. Chapter 12 – Diversity of gifts but one spirit:Many members but one body;many types of service but one church; Chapter 13 – ” I show you more excellent way” without Love all of Chapter 12 would be sounding as Brass. With all the gifts.if one does not have Godly love,they are useless. Chapter 14: “follow after Love” . This is the famous chapter on “tongues” According to Chapter 12 and 13 The important gift is prophecy. The emphasis is edifying the church,convincing the unbelievers. Tongues are existing languages,not previously learned, but the ability to speak in another language was given in the apostolic church only for God `s glory and not for man s. The modern day version on tongues is that it is a sign of the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” which is not Paul s teaching in 12:13.; Chapter 15: Concerning the Resurrection: Paul begins with the Cross. ” Christ died,for our sins,buried, He Rose Again,” After Resurrection He appeared to Mary Magdalene, , Mary the mother of James, Salome and Joanna. Then to Peter the Simon as a private appearance to reassure him after his denial, Two disciples on the road to Emmaus, Then to the all of the disciples except Thomas Didymus who was absent. eight days later he appeared to Thomas asked him to put his hands in his wounds because of his unbelief. and Thomas said My Lord and My God .

There are Seven pattern or features of Resurrection in chapter 15. one:sown in corruption,Raised in in-corruption; V:42; two:Sown in Dishonor and Raised in Glory v:43; Three: Sown in Weakness;Raised in Power v:43 ; Four:sown in a natural Body and Raised in a Spiritual Body V:44; Five: Sown in Earthly Body and Raised in a Heavenly Body V::49; Six : sown in a Flesh and Blood Body and Raised A Changed Body- V:52; Seven: Sown a Mortal Body; Raised an Immortal Body. V:53 ;

victory in Jesus

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The Towering Challenge of Paul is v:58

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Chapter 16 is Concerning the collection to the Saints: Paul talks about it in V:2 He talks about When,Where and How much and giving to the Lord is a Gift Romans 12:8; It should be a willing service for every believer. The Rest of the Chapter is Personal and Paul s Exhortation and Benediction, ” The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Be with You” and Maranatha which means ,,”Even So Lord Jesus come”


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