This epistle letter to Philippians is written by Paul ten years after his visit there. While he was in the Roman prison Paul remembering his adventure and friendships with Philippi here writes with usually more than affection. The town was Macedonia in Europe, where he first landed. Luke records in Acts 16:11-40; how Paul and his companion Silas were unlawfully scourged and imprisoned there. and miraculously freed when an earthquake has opened the prison doors. Since his first visit Paul has twice returned and had been cheered by the generosity of the Philippians in contributing in spite of their poverty to the needs of the other churches.. Although Paul earned his living and lived independently by tent making and occasionally accepted their help from the Philippines. The central message is “For me to live is Christ,and to die is gain” 1:21; and Joy in Christ. which is in many verses.

Chapter 1: Christ the Purpose of Life : The first seven verses are salutations.. There are seven expressions that Christ is the purpose of Life. One- Christians should have the feelings of Christ. Two– We should have the same interest as Christ. Three – The very Spirit of Jesus Christ is ours. Four – Our one supreme concern should be Christ because He is our Life. Five – Christ is,and should be our longing desire. Six – Our conduct should be controlled by Christ. Seven – We may suffer for Christ – The badge of a Christian.

Chapter 2:Christ our Pattern for Living: Here we see 1 – the mind of Christ, which should be the controlling factor of the Christian mind. In Verse 2 we see – Be like minded, Of one mind, Verse 3- lowliness of mind. Verse 5:Let this mind be in you – the impartation of the mind of Christ by the Holy Spirit. Two – The Self humbling of The Lord: Verse :5-8: In Seven steps one-Being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal to God- He was God, The Son regardless. – Made himself of no reputation–emptied Himself. Three – took upon Him the form of Servant.- He came through the line of David- but Isaiah 11:1 says,He shall come out of the stem of Jesse. Why? Because at the time of His birth Jesse the father of David was a peasant farmer -He took the form of a servant. Four– was made in the likeness of men John 1:14; Five – He humbled Himself- I Peter 2:21-24; Six – Became obedient unto death John 10:18; Seven– Even the death of the Cross. 3 – The Exaltation of Christ by God The Father Verse 9-11; This is the work of the Father – that “Every tongue should confess and every knee shall bow of things in heaven,and things in earth and things under the earth that Jesus Christ is Lord” 4- – The Mind of Paul – Verse 12-18; God works in and we are to work out. do all things without murmuring and disputes. Holding forth the word of Life should be our motto 5-  Mind of Timothy – Verse 19-24; Paul plans to send Timothy to Philippi,Timothy was like minded to Paul. Timothy compared to others.6 -. Mind of Epaphorditus verse 25-30; For the work of Christ, He was nigh unto death – He had one goal – That is Lord Jesus Christ.

Chapter 3 : Christ our Goal in Life  The highlight is v;10 That I may know Him….Here he makes three points. He warns the people who may lead astray in V 1- 3; Beware of dogs,evil workers,of the concision. since they wanted them to circumcise and teach salvation by rituals -works rather than Grace., True people of God are by the Holy Spirit. They Rejoice in Christ. They have no confidence in the flesh.and circumcised of heart not the flesh. Paul talks about the things he was which are Circumcised the eighth day, he was the stock of Israel,and of the tribe of Benjamin- the tribe which gave Israel the first King. He was Hebrews of the Hebrews -meaning he kept all the Hebrew customs; He was a Pharisee who abides by strict Law. He was a zealous Pharisee who persecuted the church. and Touching the righteousness in the Law,Blameless. He kept all the practices of the Law… All these are Counted Loss to Gain the Prize of Jesus Christ and His Salvation. The Gains are the Knowledge , the new Power of Jesus Resurrection,new righteousness,and He gained a new Goal for people to achieve the same goal as him. Look for the “Savior,The Lord Jesus Christ,who shall change our vile body”

Chapter 4: Christ our Power -Strength in Life : OneThe Joy is the source of Power V-13 ; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me . The Philippines were a Joy to Paul. The two women in the church were quarreling and Paul says they should have the same mind and get right with each other.. Paul gave prominence to the women in the church. here the Joy is a command” Rejoice in the Lord always” TwoThe secret of Prayer v -5-7 Be anxious for nothing,but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let our requests be made known unto God. ThreeRight Thinking – for strength and peace We are to think on things that are — True – Honest – Just – Pure – Lovely – and Good reports. Do things you have Learned – Received – Heard – seen – Do; Four – The Power of Christ Satisfies v 10-12; therewith to be content — regardless of conditions. do not fret over things, Christ is enough. Four – The Power of Christ Supplies,v 13-23 ; I can do all things in Christ. The prepositions used by Paul in this Book is important: To be in Christ means Salvation. To work through Christ means sanctification. To live for Christ means dedication. To surrender to Christ means consecration. To be with Christ means Glorification.

Paul ends this Glorious letter with Thanksgiving to the Philippians for their gifts and with a gracious reminder. ” But my God shall supply my needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ” – V-19.


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