Paul wrote the first of these letters from Corinth about A.D. 51 or 53; and followed it soon after with the second Book.Timothy had joined with Paul and Silas. The Thessalonians like the Philippians, were Macedonians, and had been among his first friends in Europe. The historical background of the church at Thessalonia is given in Acts 17:1-4 ; When Paul reached Thessalonian in his second missionary journey, all went well at first, Paul wasted no time establishing the Gospel there, some of the Jews and many God fearing Greeks and a good many influential women accepted the Gospel. He preached in the synagogue of the Jews. He preached from the Scriptures. He preached basic truths: Christ had to suffer and die; He had to rise from the dead. this Jesus whom Paul preached was Christ. Paul received immediate results. But those Jews who believed not stirred up the city mob and gave trouble to the Christians and abused Paul and companions and dragged Jason and took him to the court saying they were revolutionaries. So Thessalonians sent Paul and Silas to safety to Berea, only to be perused by the opposition from Thessoloniaca unbelieving Jews Paul had to move on to Athens then the Journey was detoured and were able to minister another ten years in Corinth and Rome. This Epistle was written in Corinth. He wanted to go back to Thessolonia but was hindered, and sent Timothy to minister to them. Later, After he heard from Timothy that were spending too much time on theological speculations about the second coming of Christ.he therefore repeats the simple facts about the resurrection, and seeking to quieten their minds and writes this letter.

The main message ” I pray to God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” 5:23

Chapter 1-3 : Looking back personal and Historical. Thessalonian Church was a Model Church to others.- that is they were In God the Father and In Jesus Christ. Paul uses Grace -was the western Gentile greeting,and Shalom. or Peace- was the Eastern Jewish greeting as a salutations to all the churches and looks back at the conversion of the Thessalonian in this chapter. Paul always puts Faith – Hope – Love the Christian graces together. He states that they were Elected by God,they had been saved in the power,they had become examples to others.They Echoed the Gospel, and the three tenses of of the believers life- Past- “ye turned to God from idols” ; Present : “to serve the living and true God” ; Future : ” To wait for His son in heaven” ; Paul teaches them six major doctrine in 1:4-10 ; 1. Election 2: Holy Spirit 3.Assurance 4.Trinity. 5.Conversion 6.Second coming of Christ. He presses the theme “the coming of the Lord” from the first to the last chapter. In V: 10:6- “wait for the Lord from heaven – even Jesus who delivered us from the wrath” – which is tribulation..we are not to wait for the wrath but for Christ. In Chapter 2: Backward look is continued and he talks about himself,Silas and Timothy. and see the motive and method of Paul . V:1-6;They were there less than a month and there trip was not in Vain and they were bold despite the contention. There preaching was not deceit, and approved of God, used no flattering words nor seek any glory from men. In V:7-12 we see the conduct of preachers– gentle as a nurse as a mothers love,affectionate and dear- Paul loved them. Laboring night and day and not wasting time,be unblamable-as he set example,Be exhorted – help,comforted and responsible like a Father. In V: 13-16- The message of Paul,Silas and Timothy is “The word of God received as truth and it works in you” The churches in Judea has suffered -and so would they.. Paul identified those that killed Christ and the prophets as same as those that prosecuting him and forbidding him to preach. V:17-20 He talks about reward of a Christian. Paul desired to see them again but Satan has hindered him. “Crown of Rejoicing” is given for those who win others. Paul’s joy was to know that they would meet Christ at His Coming. Chapter 3- Paul’s care for the young church. He has deep concern for them in V:1-5; Timothy’s good report about them in V:6-8; and Paul prays for them night and day.

Chapter 4-5 : Looking Forward – How they should live..Chapter 4:The believers walk and hope. In the first 12 verses Paul urges purity in their Christian lives. V:3 the will of God is your sanctification. Sanctification is separation from evil and a consecration unto righteousness. It is the complete work of God. When He Glorifies the believer at the coming of Christ. 3:13; The will of God in Thess 5:18; Paul talks about how to live in V11-12; “mind your own business” “study to be quiet” “work with your own hands’ ” that ye may walk honestly”

Now the Blessed Hope,The Rapture of the Church 4:13-18; This is one of the most profound of all Scripture. Paul covers the Rapture., but the question he is answering is about the believers who die before the rapture ( the calling out of the church) He starts by saying”I would not have you be ignorant concerning them which are sleep” ,meaning asleep in Christ – physical death II Cor 5:8; meaning those Christians in the grave asleep in Jesus will come with Christ.”we which are alive and remain” “shall not precede them which are asleep. meaning will not prevent. When Jesus comes with a “Shout”with a voice of a Trumpet. V 16-17 – “The dead in Christ” go first and “then we who are alive shall be caught up (Rapture) “to meet the Lord in the air.” Praise to God there is a calling out _ A RAPTURE!

Chapter 5: Therefore wake and do. The first part of the chapter explains the fact that the “Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night” The world will think they are entering the millennium but the reality is they are entering the V:3 “sudden destruction” (Tribulation) “We are the children of Light” Phil 2:15; In V:9 “God hath not appointed us to wrath” so rest of the Chapter from verse 11- Paul instructs 22 things a Christian should do: one:comfort yourself (encourage) 2: Edify (build up) one another 3: Understand those who teach(labor) the Word. 4: Esteem the preacher or the Teacher 5. Be at Peace 6: warn the unruly 7:comfort the feeble minded 8: Support the weak 9:Be patient toward all men ( dont loose the temper) 10: Don`t fight one another 11.Follow that which is good. 12: Rejoice always 13:Pray without ceasing. 14:In everything give thanks 15:quench not the spirit 16: Despise not the word 17: Prove all things (dont be taken in by flattery) 18:Hold fast that which is good 19:abstain from all appearance of evil 20: Pray for us 21:Greet with a holy kiss 22: This epistle be read to all brethren.


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