II Thessalonians is a follow up by Paul from Corinth, When he heard that they were having some confusion about the second coming of the Lord. Some thought Christ had already come and many left their work and were busybodies, and to lead undisciplined life as Paul says. Also they were given letters by deliberately misrepresenting him with counterfeit letters with deception. He exhorts them to pay attention to his signature. So
Paul writes to remove the confusion. Make note that II Thessalonians 2:2 instead of Day of the Lord it says Day of Christ. He writes with a Central message ” Stand fast and hold the traditions which ye have been taught” 2:15;

Chapter 1: Persecution of Believers ;The same salutation is given as in the first book. In the midst of severe persecution, they were growing and abounding, increasing in faith and love, they were an example to the other churches, and had to endure the trials and persecution. Paul assures that God will take care of the ungodly in His own time. But we have to rest because Lord Jesus will be revealed from Heaven. In V:9 The definition of Hell is given; V:10-12 The coming of the Lord will bring glory to both Christ and The Church.

Chapter 2: Prophecy and Correction Paul starts this great Chapter with re-emphasize of the Rapture.. Since some of the Thessalonians thought that they missed the rapture. Paul states in V:3 that the Day of the Lord will not come until two things happen. First the falling away – The apostasy , Second- until the man of sin ( Satan- son of perdition- The Anti- Christ) is revealed. Anti- Christ actually assumes the place of God- as God in the temple. The little horn of Daniel 7:8; 8:9 ; The willful King of Daniel 11:36; The Anti- Christ of I John 2:18; The beast out of the sea in Rev 13:1-10; Verse:5-8 The personal pronoun “until He be gone” refers to the Holy Spirit operating through every believer who is a temple of the Holy Spirit. So the “man of sin” is being restrained, hindered, by the presence of the Holy Spirit in His Body The Church.. So Satan cannot have full control until the Holy spirit is taken out of the way . meaning the Rapture of the church. So after the Rapture and after the Church is called out then the Anti- Christ will be revealed and whom the Lord shall destroy. Verse 9-12 – The Anti-Christ will be a miracle worker and have power,signs of wonder. god shall send strong delusions for those to believe a lie who have heard the gospel and “received not the love of truth that they might be saved. In Verse 13-17 we have instruction and a review of what Christ has done in our hearts. in four steps . 1.Chosen you to Salvation 2. Sanctification by the Spirit. 3. Belief in truth which is growth. 4.Obtaining the Glory in I John 3:2;

Chapter 3: Instruction to the believers. In this chapter Paul passes out instruction in firm loving manner. He uses the word Command four times . Paul is desiring that “the word of ” the Lord may have free course” – so that the Lord can direct their hearts so that they will do the Lords will. They were to wait patiently for the coming of the Lord. the believers should not associate with the disorderly – but should follow the example Paul had given. Paul stresses the needs of everyday life. They should work. no work no food. some are busybodies and they should work quietly. Believers should not grow weary of working for the Lord. they should obey the words of this epistle

I Thessalonians : How the Thessalonians received the word of God., teaches the imminent return of the Lord, Comforts and encourages the Saints. Concerns the Church. Presents Great passage on End. Presents the Day of Christ I Thess 4:13-18.

Day of Christ: Relates wholly to the blessing and reward of the saved at His first coming. It is in Old Testament writings of Prophets , relates to the Future promise of the Millennial Kingdom. It starts with the beginning of the Tribulation Acts 2:20, II Peter 3:10

II Thessalonians mentions their progress in faith,love and patience. Corrects false teaching about His coming. Assures coming judgement on Christs foes. Concerns Satan, Anti-Christ and the world. Presents great passage on end 2: 1-2; Presents the Day of the Lord 2:2

Day of The Lord: This is connected with judgement..

Now we can see the two phases of the end time and the return of Christ.

First Phase: Rapture: Christ comes to claim His bride, The Church. Christ comes in the air. The tribulation begins. translation is imminent. A message of comfort is given. The program for the church is emphasized. The translation is a mystery. Believers are judged. Israel covenants are not yet fulfilled. Believers only are affected. The church is taken into the Lords present.

Second Phase of End time: It is Revelation. Christ returns with the Bride. Christ returns to the Earth. The Millennial Kingdom is Established. A multitude of signs proceed. A message of judgement is given. The program for Israel and the world is emphasized. Revelation is predicted in Both New and Old Testament. Gentiles and Israel are Judged. All of Israels covenant are fulfilled, All people are affected. Israel is brought into the Kingdom.


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