I Timothy is one of the first Epistle written to the Pastoral care of the individuals. When Paul was released from the first imprisonment in Rome, Timothy was in the Ephesian Church.and Paul wrote this to Tend to His Flock. Timothy is one of the most devoted Christians in the New Testament. and was Paul’s closest friend and co-laborer to the very end. Paul calls him “Man of God” and his name is found twenty four times in the New Testament. He was a son of Gentile Father and a Jewish mother. Mother Eunice and Grandmother Lois are mentioned here. His name means “Honored by God” The central message here is ” That thou may know how thou ought to behave in the House of God,which is the Church of the living God,the pillar and ground of truth” I Timothy 3:15;

Chapter 1: Legalism,Heresy Rebuked, Charge Given: This was written to Timothy to encourage him and how to handle false teachings. The church should teach sound doctrine according to the glorious Gospel of God and to teach them no other doctrine other than Christ which produces Love and not empty chatter “vain jangling” Paul repeats his personal Testimony, he gives Timothy “Charge” “that thou might war a good warfare”

Chapter 2 and 3: The Church and Its conduct: concerning order in the Church. Paul discusses the public worship services where some problems existed. Prayer is the first concern. Supplications are petitions -“Intercession” to intercede on thier behalf of the Kings and those in authority. this is the will of God. He desires that all be saved and grow in knowledge of the word. Paul was ordained a preacher and an apostle. How men ought to pray- Lifting up hands was a custom in that day “without wrath” meaning with confession. “In like manner”– women dressed modestly. Cautions of women not to speak in tongue publicly and should not be over a man in spiritual nature. and men should take a lead.- but men not asserting authority as a dictator. Paul is not speaking against women..for he encouraged many in service. Though the sin has come in through the Woman the Savior of this world was born of a woman

Chapter 3: Concerning offices in the church: A Bishop is an overseer or an Elder. These men are called Pastor in our days. The Pastor and the Deacon has the same requirements. This was the “Rules of order” in Paul’s absence in that church. They must be with impeccable reputation, faithful to his wife, with spiritual sobriety, not intoxicated or controlled by fleshly passions and sensual appetites, to be sober means of sound mind, serious and possessing good judgement, and self control, orderly in Life,habits and work,given to hospitality -welcomes strangers warmly and generously and skillful in teaching the scripture. Not double tongued. not being fond of dishonest financial profits and dealings.As capable apologists and defenders of Faith and preserve the truth as God revealed it.

Chapter 4-6:
The Minister and His conduct: One of the values of the word of God is that it has an answer for our every need. A minister must deal wisely and be fair to each of his flock. Elders must be honored,widows cared for 5:1-25; The slaves must be taught and treated right, 6:6-16;

Paul closes the book with by telling his young friend,“keep that which is committed to thy trust” V:20 Paul wanted Timothy to remember what he had said verbal ” Charge” – which is a command instruction, and to pursue Godliness and fulfill the ministry. That thou might Charge some that they teach,etc. 1:3; Now the end of the commandment to love out of pure heart.1:5; this charge I commit unto thee.1:18 These things charge,and teach 4:11; These things also Charge,that they might be blameless 5:7; I charge thee before God and the Lord Jesus Christ. 5:21; I charge thee in the sight of God 6:15; charge them that are rich Paul commands wealthy believers not to be proud and look down on less fortunate and to confide in God rather than the unstable riches.6:17; Paul tells Timothy to “fight the good fight” and avoid profane and vain babbling and opposition of false science . Grace be with Thee Amen.


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