Titus was a Gentile- Greek and a convert of Paul and he thought highly of him and called him, “My True Born Son in The Faith’ . Titus proved to be a loyal co-worker,became close . He is mentioned in Galatians 2:1-3; II Corinthians 2:13;7:6; 8:1-6,16,17; He was with Paul and Barnabas at the Jerusalem council of Acts 15. Paul sent him to Crete to Establish churches . The Cretans were kin to the Philistine and they had an unbelievable reputation for vice and gluttony,liars and evil beasts. So Paul counsels Titus to take the greatest care in choosing people and strengthen the doctrines of the Church which was established there.He stresses the duty. In I and II Timothy Paul stresses the Doctrines.In !! Timothy 4:10 Paul indicates that he sent him to Dalmatia known to us as Yugoslavia. Central message of the book being”Be careful to maintain good works” 3:18,14;

Chapter 1 : Put things in order:
Maintain Good works : The New Testament teaches that each church is to be autonomous -Independent of each other-self governing..In the first days of the church ,there was the authority of the apostles in control. and the doctrines of the Epistle . This is still maintained by many churches. Here Titus was to set things in order. V:5 To appoint elders in every city and in every church, they were the local pastors who were to feed the flock. Elder is a person and Bishop is the function of the office . We should note that the qualification of the Elder is spiritual and not natural gifts , Paul mentions the qualification again as in Thessalonians, Paul spells out the duties of these Elders. To know the truth of God V:9; To Exhort and to convince. He states to pick the right kind of people with qualification because of the talkers and deceivers.within the and with out the church.. since it takes good spiritual leadership to develop a good spiritual members.

Chapter 2 : Adorn the Doctrine ; Sound doctrine includes teaching of all ages. Seniors,young women,young men,servants- to adorn the doctrine. We as servants also to do the same. We are to adorn the doctrine because of “The Grace of God” V:11; of “the Glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ” V: 13; “He gave Himself that He might Redeem us ” V:14; These things speak and exhort,and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee. V:15;

Chapter 3 : We are to obey the laws of the land, and be ready in every good work. not to speak evil,but we are to be gentle V:1-2; What we once were and the wonder of our conversation V:4-6 ; Not by works of righteousness which we have once done, but according to His mercy he saved us, by the washing of the regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost. V: 15; Which He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior. V:6; We are now heirs of Eternal Life V:7: Good works should be every part of Every Christian life – Maintain Good works v:14; We are not to spend time on foolish questions,arguments,heretics V:9-11; So this letter is a lesson in practical Christian living and to be maintained is the theme of this book.


This was a Personal note to Philemon written from Prison in Rome, concerning a man named Onesimus, who was a Christian and once was a slave to Philemon and Philemon was a citizen of Collasae in the interior of Asia Minor., who had been converted to Christianity. Onesimus had stolen some of Philemon’s ( His Master) things and had run away to Rome. He thought he would never see his home town again- which is home town of Philemon While in Rome he was under the influence of Paul and was saved. This letter is a great illustration of the truth of imputation- the act of settling the account of another- It would have been easy for Paul to say that it was Philemon’s Christian duty to take Onesimus back, but Paul with his sensitive awareness of how the matter must appear in the eye of the world, begs Philemon to do this as a favor for him, and sends Onesimus to Philemon with this letter. with the main message ” put it on my account” for what he owes.

Paul writes this letter with : Salutation V: 1-3 ; Paul salutes Philemon’s household Praise for Philemon V:4-7;Paul praises Philemon for his love toward the Lord Jesus,his faithfulness,His attitude towards Christians. Philemon was a Testimony . The hearts of the believers were refreshed by Philemon.Philemon had a good reputation in his community. Paul’s pleas for Onesimus V 8-16 ; Paul now comes to the purpose of his writing in a diplomatic way.. Paul writes to forgive Onesimus for loves sake. Paul’s old ages sake and prisoner of Jesus Christ.. His plea for onesimus that he has accepted Christ, his name means profitable. But years past he has been unprofitable but now he is a believer and he would be profitable to Philemon,Paul, and Jesus Christ and thus he had to send him back to Philemon.. Since Onesimus is a Christian he has a new relationship to Philemon as a brother and not a slave. and Paul would have kept him but Philemon has to decide Paul’s assurance and Pledge V: 17-25 ; Paul illustrates the imputation and substitution,is the plea of Christ to the Father for the sinner who would trust Christ as Lord and Savior, The sinner is received on the same standing that Christ is received. The saved individual has his right to heaven because of his faith in Christ. The reason the saved person is accepted is because Christ took upon Himself the sins of all of us who believe.

This lesson teaches the lesson that social issues are corrected when the heart is corrected. On the basis of Christian faith Philemon was obliged to accept Onesimus back in Christ. Thus Onesimus would become “Profitable” We also learn the value of a person- a thief,a runaway coward, a slave. such teachings eventually abolished slavery in our land..


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