The Book of Hebrews was written before the destruction of the temple . Heb 10:11; The author is questionable but from the evidence of the book it is thought to be written by Paul the apostle. The important message in 10:14,18 says”“For by one offering, He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.-there is no more offering for sin” although the book is long there are three main sections that are highlighted here. This book should be studied in connection with the Book of Exodus.

Chapters 1- 8:5 The Superiority of the Person of Jesus Christ: Jesus Gods Son,better than Prophet-1:1-3 :Jesus is the brightness of Gods Glory and express image of Gods person nature” ; Jesus better than Angels 1:4-2:18 – Angels are messengers and ministering spirits- While Jesus is the Son,The Creator,Ruler of the age to come. Hebrew Christians are warned to obey the word of God in V:3; Jesus is better than Moses in Chapter 3- Moses was a servant. Christ is The beloved Son- The Apostle – The High Priest.Another warning here about doubting the word of god 3:7-19; The word “Jesus” in V:8 should be “Joshua” 4:1-16 Jesus is better than Joshua, because His rest is Eternal, whereas Joshua’s is temporary. though we are tempted we can come to Him boldly without sin and our rest is in Jesus Christ. Jesus is better than Aron as Priest- 5:1-8:5-Aron was taken from among men and was called of God- Jesus was made a High Priest by God The Father,because He was Gods Son. Jesus is the author of eternal salvation- called of God a high priest after the order of Melchizedek-5:9-10; The Aaronic priests died but Christ would continue forever.

Paul states in Chapter 5 :13-14- That in Old Testament they were immature and compares it to drinking bottle milk like infants.. and continues to say let us move forward and be matured., states six factors that were Prefigured Christ. 1. Repentance from dead works 2. Faith toward God 3.Doctrines of Baptism 4. laying on hands 5.Resurrection from the dead 6.Eternal judgement. In Chapter 6 :4-5 He talks about genuine believers are those who were enlightened, tasted of the heavenly gift,partakers of Holy spirit,tasted of the good word of God,tasted the powers of the world to come, and having fallen away,to renew them to repentance-not salvation, fallen away is crucifying Christ afresh.. and fallen and back to repentance does not loose salvation but some rewards. In no way it contradicts the glorious guarantee of eternal preservation in roman 8:28-29.. and that all things are possible with God. In V:10-12 “work and labor of love” is not salvation but the fruit of salvation. Chapter 7 begins with the Melchizedek Priesthood again. He is a type of Christ as explained in Genesis 14:17-24;

Chapters 8:6-10:18 The superiority of the New and better covenant: The New Covenant is better than the old. 8:7-13; The Two covenants are the Old Testament and the New Testament. The first Covenant was not adequate — God found fault with the people,not the covenant. So God gave them a New Covenant 8:8 as in Jeremiah 31:31-34; The New Covenant opens a better Tabernacle 9:1-15; In V1-5 we see what the tabernacle was; in V:6-10 what was done in the tabernacle and why; V:11-12 The greater ministry of Christ, V:11-15 it reveals the type of pictures of what the old covenant revealed in the New. Chapter 9:15-28 The New Covenant is sealed by a better Sacrifice Then in chapter 10:1-18 the New Covenant Settles Forever Our Salvation.

Chapters 10:19 – 13:25 The Superiority of the Life in Jesus Christ : Chapter 10:19-39 “Having therefore, brethren,boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus,” It is Jesus that allows us to pray to God because of His Sacrifice. Chapter 11- It Gives a Working Faith. Here is the “hall of Fame” for the Old Testament some of the characters of faith. In Chapter 12:1-13 It gives Patience and Direction. Jesus the author and finisher of Faith. The Lord directs us because He loves us and Chastens us. In Chapter 12: 14 to 13:25 It Gives us Instruction in Walk and Worship. The believers now approach the Mount Zion, the city of God- not Sinai representing the Law. As Christians we are already Citizens of that glorious Place. We are called by name, “Church of the firstborn” V:23; the book closes in Chapter 13 with its most important teachings The Power of God,The death of Christ, His resurrection,His present work, The everlasting Covenant, The object of Christs work to restore that which is well pleasing in the eyes of God.


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