Peter has been called the apostle of Hope, Paul the apostle of faith and John the apostle of Love. This Book of Peter , the apostle of Jesus Christ, was written to the scattered Jewish believers in Asia Minor who were persecuted, to encourage and to strengthen them during the conflict and trials of those days. Peter originally named Simon, was named by Our Lord Jesus, Cephas in Aramaic, and Peter in Greek and means a little Rock. A Rock which the church is built upon. is “The Rock” which is Jesus Christ. Peter was the son of a Jew named John or Jonas. Peter had one brother named Andrew. They lived in Galilee in Bethesda ,who were fishermen. Peter and Paul were martyred in Rome, under Nero.. This was the belief in second century and has been corroborated by excavations under the present church of St. Peter. Peter had never forgotten the command of the Risen Christ – “Feed my sheep” John 21:16; In this letter, instead of grieving over the persecutions, he sums up the Gospel with a warm – hardheartedness and a power of persuasion, not excelled by the other New Testament writers. n this epistle, he writes warmheartedly and with power of persuasion and excelled.

Chapter 1- 2:10 : Living Hope – After his Salutation Peter gives marvelous central message in V:3 Which is Praise to God for ” His abundant mercy has begotten us again unto a Living Hope, by the resurrection of Jesus Christ” which is expanded in V:5 : Kept by power of God through faith” then continues in other benefits of hope through testing,rejoicing, hope to the end.. The Old Testament prophets did not understand about the coming and works of the Messiah. Mathew 13:17; The angels desired to look upon the things concerning Christ V:10-13; Our high calling in Christ and how we should live is in V:13-17; How we were redeemed in V: 18,19; In V;20 talks about the “foreknowledge” as in V:2; foreknowledge,election and predestination are in that order. foreknowledge determines the election or choice and predestination is the bringing to pass of the election..also in Romans 8:28-29; In V:22,2:3 The Living Word: We have been “born again” by the word of God. It will never pass away.. In 2:4-10 – we see the Living Stone – We are also living stones in a spiritual house. In V:6 The chief cornerstone is Christ. We are now priests of God – having access to God, It is our birthright of every believer V:9;

Chapter 2:11 – 4:11 : The Christian Life – Peter begins to tell us about the Christian Life and how to live it. We are to refrain from fleshly lusts, To be above board,To be obedient,to do well,To honor,love and Fear God. We are to act right in the job. Because of the sufferings of Christ on the cross we are returned sheep if we believe to the Sheppard and Bishop of our Souls. V:24 – ” For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man is as the flower of grass withereth ,and the flower there of falleth away” V:25 ” But the word of the Lord Endureth Forever , and this is the word in which the Gospel is preached unto you” This is the good definition of atonement. The Christian Life in the Home 3:1-7;A wife can often win her husband by her conduct, inward adornment wins the lost husband. Husbands are to Love and Honor their wives. The ideal marriage is the one that is based on Christ. The Christian in The Church 3:8-17; Be of one mind, Love each other, have compassion,shun evil, ” be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you”. “Be willing to suffer for well doing” Christ Suffered for our Sins 3:17-22; “For it is better,if the will of God be so,that ye suffer for the well doing,than for evil doing” ” For Christ also hath once suffered for sins,the just for the unjust,that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit” ” By Which also he went and preached unto the spirits in Prison” These passage says that after he died, which is the physical death when he was buried, His Spirit quicken and below the earth he preached for the dead in spirit- that is in (Hades-Hell ) is mentioned as prison. Before Christ was incarnate, He was pure Spirit, and He was Glorious in Spiritual Majesty. When Christ was separated from His body, His Spirit was made Alive(quickened) Christ suffered and died went down to the place where he couldn’t go in the days of His Flesh Ephesian 4:8-9 Paul also says the same thing – our Lord in His death descended into the lower parts of the earth and to a Jewish people. , before He was Raised from the dead. He proclaimed the Redeemed Redemption – Doom in torment and glory in Paradise Luke 16:19-31; We are identified with Christ in Baptism. The Christian Life endures Suffering 4:1-11; It gives victory over the old nature. We can no longer be satisfied to live in the flesh V:1-3; The coming of the Lord inspires Christian Living., we are to love the brethren and be kind to them. and use the gift God has given us, and all of us have a gift, be charitable V:11- “If any man speak,let him speak as the oracle of God, If any man minister,let him do it as of the ability which God giveth, that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ., to whom be Praise and Dominican for ever and ever, Amen” This was Peters doxology.

Chapter 4:12 – 5 : The Lords Return Peter is concerned about the tribulation, which was the future but surely coming upon Christians. V:12 “Beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you” ” But rejoice in as much as ye are partakers of Christs suffering, that when His Glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding Joy” as the rest of the book indicates which concurs with Paul’s teaching.

In Chapter 5 Peter talks about the five Crown of Glory –
” 5:4 “And when the Chief Shepherd shall appear,ye shall receive a crown of Glory that fadeth not away” 1. Incorruptible Crown – conquering of old nature 1 Cor 9:25-27. 2.Crown of Rejoicing – For soul Winners – I Thess. 2:19; 3. Crown of Life – Martyrs Crown – Rev 2:10 ; 4. Crown of Righteousness – People who love the Lords appearing. II Timothy 4:8 ; 5. Crown of Glory – Faithful teachers and preachers – I Peter 5:2-4; Peter says We should not worry , but “cast all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” Be sober ,be vigilant because your adversary the devil,as a roaring lion,walketh about seeking who he may devour.

Peter ends his letter ” I write this brief appeal through Silvanias our trusty brother or Silas, as he called him in Acts, has been Paul’s companion at Phillipi. Peter gives a Blessing of great beauty “The God of All Grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus,after that ye have suffered a while,make you perfect, establish, strengthen,settle you, To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.”  ” peace be with you all that are in Jesus Christ.Amen.


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