Samuel was Israel s last Judge, He was also a priest and counts him as the first  prophet. Although  Moses was also a prophet. This book talks about how people rebelled and asked for a king  which God granted them though it was less than God`s best . “Lord of hosts” was used as God is the leader of the army also the word”prayer ” is used often

Chapter 1-8 : Samuel The last of the Judges. The first 3 chapters concentrates on the ark of the Lord. The silent years of Samuel was 20yrs. The people demanded a King and God  says “they have not rejected thee, they have rejected me ” Instead of His Direct will,God gives His permissive will.

Chapter 8-15 :  Saul The first of the Kings. So Saul was chosen to be a King and was anointed by Samuel. Samuel’s  anointing of Saul  held spiritual significance,by it the king was set apart for service  as God`s earthly representative on the throne of Israel.Chapter 10:6 The coming of the spirit of the Lord- equips Saul with doing the tasks. He wins his battle of Ammonites. Gibeah a city belonging to Benjaminites three miles north of Jerusalem was his hometown and was called  “Gibeah of Saul”. He won many battles. Later because he disobeyed  the instruction of God through Samuel the decline of Saul started.

Chapters 16-31 : David The anointed Successor:

Samuel was instructed to anoint David privately and  he didn’t rule until Saul `s death. Saul brought David as a Harp player to sooth his Evil spirit and Saul’s Eldest son Jonathan became best of friends. David and Goliath incident took place . When Saul was jealous of David and tried to kill him numerous times God protected him and also thru Jonathan. David marries Saul`s daughter Michal. later she becomes captive to Philistine.Eventually David retreats her. Jonathan and David make a covenant that they would treat each other as a family member with loyalty dignity and devotion. Jonathan continues to recognize David as Gods preeminence. and David remembers this when he is King and takes care of Jonathan s son. David goes through lots of battles for Saul and also spares Saul’s life two times. Eventually Saul acknowledges his error , but later continued to persecute David  and second time David saved his life and and acknowledges his sin, after  this time Samuel dies. David Goes to wilderness of Paran . There was an incident with Nabal and his wife Abigail delivers them and later Nabal dies and David marries Abigail, David lives among Philistines. There was a war against Philistines and Israel. Saul gets into witchcraft and awakens Samuel s spirit  since he didn’t get Gods instruction and eventually  Saul and his three children were in the war, all four dies in that war the same day .They took all four and   was offering to the Philistines God he was saved by the people of  Jabesh- Gilead. and there bones were buried there.