In Genesis we learnt the fall of man,In Exodus the redemption of God’s people and  centrality of tabernacle (the tent of meeting) for worship. In Leviticus 1:1 we read that”The Lord called unto Moses and spake unto him out of the tabernacle of the congregation, in which God appears in a cloud over the tabernacle.  In center of the tabernacle was the Ark (exodus 40:16-28).

In Leviticus God gave the Law , Regulations concerning sacrifice, consecration of priests, clean and unclean differentiated, The day of atonement, ritual laws,  blessing and punishments, regulations concerning vows and offerings.

The crucifixion of Jesus  is pre-figured in 5 major sacrifices offered in the old testament. 1.Burnt offering– Christ offering Himself without Spot.,  2.  Meal offering– Balance,fragrance and purity , offering is the grains and fruits out of the soil as as a thanksgiving , it is a teaching that all our activities should be dedicated to God. It is God who sanctifies us as we give thanks and pray to him. 3. Peace offering– it was a ritual that reconciled Man to God through fellowship  the offering was offered to God and shared by the priests and worshiper.  4. Sin offering– This offering was required of all , according to the degree of guilt and responsibility,wealth or poverty of the offender. 5. Trespass or guilt offering-symbolizes satisfaction or restitution.

Leviticus 5:14-19 relates to the Holy things of the Lord. 6:1-7 ,about the property rights and including tithes and offerings.

Leaven in old testament represents sin,the oil as a symbol of Holy Spirit. that’s why in psalm 23 , we read He Anointeth my head with oil-which is a symbolic coming of the power of the Holy Spirit to guide, to aid and to empower us each day. The Salt of covenant is the act of sacrifice which is  a reminder of the of the eternal covenant relationship between the worshiper and God.

Chapter 26 Talks about Idolatry here it describes the vain objects of worship, including  the gods of this world literally idols, images or the riches of this world or temporal things. It simple means anything in one’s life that takes the place of God.  Leviticus also talks about Blessings and the importance of Obedience. Which are Blessings of material prosperity,victory over nations enemies,and the assurance of Gods presence among us, in all circumstances.

The  promise of punishment as a discipline in our lives and not of rejection but of correction because He loves us. When we keep His commandments and His laws, we learn the art of trusting and the practice of obedience.


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