II Peter and Jude are very similar to each other., especially II Peter chapter 2 and the Book of Jude.. the authorship of II Peter was questioned because of the different between the style and writing between I and II Peter. But I Peter was written with the help of Silas who was fluent in Greek, and II peter possibly wither Peter himself or with the help of someone else. The main message in this Book is Apostasy.- or false preachers and preaching,

Chapter 1: 1-14 – The Great Christian Graces: There is danger in Christian Life without growth. There is also the danger of knowledge without practice. with a “like precious faith” V:1; and “precious promises” V:4; the partakers of His Divine nature can ” escape the corruption that is in the world through lust” Here Peter gives Seven Christian Graces added to the “Faith” These should be part of our way of life. which are Virtue,Knowledge,and to knowledge, Temperance-self control and to temperance,Patience,and to patience Godliness,and to Godliness,Brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness Charity- meaning Love. If these be part of your life,you will not be idle nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ V-8; The christian who becomes sterile forgets that he was purged from his old sins. V:9; Peter reminds us of our calling and he stirs us to remember V:10-14;

Chapter 1:15-21- The Authority of the Scriptures:

the approaching death of Peter was on his mind. His main teaching here was the coming of the Lord, based upon his own eye witness account of the transfiguration V:15-16; the verses 19-21 contain profound statements about the word of God. “A more sure word of prophecy” more sure than his own eye witness of the transfiguration. ” No prophecy of the Scripture is of its own interpretation” – We must teach Scripture with Scripture ” Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” V:21 II Timothy 3:16-17;

Chapter 2 – The Apostasy – false Teachers: False Teachers were heretic to Israel. False teachers shall also be in the Church decaying the redemption of Christ. False Followers will go after false teachers. v;1-3; Peter lists three types of Apostates of the past who will appear in the future, “ Angels who sinned ” V:4; Rebellions against God. 2.The “ungodly “of Noah’s day v:5, Matt 24:37-39; 3. “Immorality” like that of Sodom and Gomorrah V:6, Romans 1:24-32; the Lord knowth how to deliver the godly out of temptation. V;7, I Cor 10:13; Remainder of the Chapter is awful description about the apostasy.. V:11-22 Angels would not presume to do such things ; these apostates are like animals,they are lustful, following Balaam for worldly gain,they have head knowledge,,they are as hogs returning to pigs pen.

Jesus had much to say about the apostasy : Matt 15:14; Matt 12: 43-45; Luke 12: 47-48;

Chapter 3: The Return of The Lord: Peter wrote this letter to make them remember that in the last days scoffers would be present to ridicule the second coming of Christ. They will say nothing has changed from the creation V:1-4; He reminds them and us that the “world that then was” was destroyed by water. Jesus says His coming will be like that . Matt 24:37-39; In 3:10 it gives vivid description of the destruction of the earth. Heavens pass away with a great noise, Elements dissolve “melt” with fervent heat.

Peter concludes the epistle by saying that Paul wrote the truth in depth. In view of these facts of the Scripture, In the Church not to compromise the Truth. False doctrine should never infiltrate the teachings and preaching under the guise of “easy going kindness”. The believer should be serious,set apart for the Master,winning the lost V;11-14; We according to His promise, Look for new heaven,new earth,wherein dweleth righteousness V:18 – But grow in peace,and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be Glory both now and forever, Amen.

The Book of Jude.

The Book of Jude is located after I,II,III, John. Because it resembles II Peter and of the same subject of Apostasy was combined here. Peter saw false teachers in the future and Jude saw them there already present. Jude was brother of James, Half brother of Jesus. He was a beloved Pastor at Jerusalem. Both were saved only between the Resurrection and Ascension. They were in the upper room just prior to Pentecost Acts 1:13. Judas the brother of James is Jude. The entire book is devoted to apostasy and Jude going all the way back to the garden of Eden and on through His people of Israel, right up to the present day. There is only one Chapter in this book.

His main message was “Ye should honestly contend(strive) for the faith which was once for all delivered unto saints” V:3

Verse 3- 16 : Why we should strive for the faith: We see the apostate creeping into the fold unnoticed probably as “good men”. holding two basic denials of faith : turning the Grace of God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. . false teachers were foretold in three examples of the past . Egypt – afterwards destroyed them that believed not. Angels -kept not their first estate. Sodom and Gomorrah – are set forth as an example. Jude compares their character and conduct with three historic figures. Cain – the natural man, having his own way. Balaam – creating their own type of gospel. Korah – denying the authority of Moses as Gods spokesperson. Jude also uses six metaphors describing the apostate teachers. spots as hidden rocks in the love feasts, referring to the Lords Supper. Feeding Themselves – false shepherds feed their own desires without fear. Cloud without water – describing the false promises of apostasy. Trees without fruit – describing the unfruitful results of the profession. Raging waves of the Sea – Describing the wasted effort of apostasy. Wandering Stars – describing the aimless purpose of false teachings.

Jude describes Enoch prophecy of coming destruction : V 14-15 ; Enoch predicted the second coming of Christ before our Lord came the first time. Enoch announced two great events. 1. The Lord cometh with ten thousand of His saints. 2. To execute judgement upon all ungodly. also in Col 3:4; I Thess 3:13; II Peter 3:7;

Verse 17-23: How we can contend for the Faith.: Apostasy has been foretold and we have been warned . We are to build up ourselves in faith. to Pray, to Keep ourselves in Gods Love, to Look for Lord Jesus Christ,We are to win the lost , with those who need tender loving care,people who are unsaved about to join the false teachings like perverted cults. and people who are dealing with immoral behaviors of the world.

Jude closes with his doxology: ” Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and present you faultless before the presence of His Glory, with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Savior, be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power both Now and Forever”


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