John the apostle of Jesus Christ was the Beloved of Jesus. This is The Book that gives us the assurance of Salvation. With his central message of “We Know” over 30 times John is the same who wrote the Gospel of John and the Revelation. The I John is known as “Epistle of no compromise” He describes us as sheep in His fold and – members of His family. In The Gospel of John,he describes us as sheep in His fold. The central message “We Know” is written over 30 times. This is a Book that gives assurance of Salvation.

In the gospel — John 20:31 – “But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is Christ, the son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name”

In the Epistle — I John5:13 — “These things have I written, unto you that believe on the Son of God,that ye may know that ye have eternal life–“

In the Revelation 1:19 — “Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,and the things which shall be hereafter.”

This Epistle is a Book of Seven contrasts

Chapter 1:5 –2:11 : Light verses darkness

Chapter 2:12 – 2:17 : God The Father verses the world

Chapter 2:18 – 2:28 : Christ verses the Anti -Christ

Chapter 2:29 – 3:24 : Good works verses evil works

Chapter 4:1 – 4:6 : The spirit verses spirits

Chapter 4:7 – 4:21 : Love verses pretense

Chapter 5:1-21 : The New Birth verses the world

Another simple structure of the book is

God is Light — 1:1 – 2:2

God is Love — 2:3 – 4:21

God is Life – Chapter 5

Chapter 1 : John again goes back to “from the beginning” as in John 1:1 to eternity past- Verse 1 of this epistle sets forth: “We have heard” – John heard Jesus speak. “We have seen” John saw Him- at he eye gate. “Looked upon” to look saves. “Handled” he had felt the Masters heartbeat. He is the source of fellowship – 1:3 : Christian fellowship means “Sharing in the things of Christ”. Paul used the word “KOINONIA” when speaking of praying,teaching the word,the Lords supper and giving. We have fellowship if we “Walk in the Light” We retain fellowship by confessing the sin – 1:9 – This is the “Christian Bar of Soap”

Chapter 2 : Christ is our advocate- our attorney if we sin. He has paid for our sins,as we confess,he restores us to full fellowship – V:1-2: Obedience to the Lord and His word is evidence that we belong to Him, which in turn produces love for brethren – V : 3 – 11 ; This is the best test one can apply to the question ” How can I be sure I am a Christian” God on Top me at another corner and others at another corner. light and Love goes back and forth from God to me and God to others and walk in light between me and others and love between me and others..( make a triangle of your own and visualize). We must not love the world V: 15-17; V:16 “Lust of the flesh” “Lust of the eye” “Pride of life” these are the things of the world and every sin can be placed under one of these. V: 18 – 28: “many Anti- Christs” This is in reference to the last days and generally we believe we are in the last days and much false teaching by false teachers. There will be a departure from the doctrine of God V:19, denying the deity of Jesus,yet calling themselves “Christians” V: 22-23.

Chapter 3: The Fathers Love for us – V:1 We do not expect to be the sons of God – But WE ARE! We are now the sons of God, but we shall be like Him V:2; In V:8- and on we the good verses evil works, but the climax is V:24 for the Christian “Hereby we know that He abideth in us,by the Spirit which He -Jesus hath given us.”

Chapter 4:”Try the Spirits” Dont believe everything seems sincere and good. There are false spirits ready to try us every day. V:4:1; The Holy Spirit indwells every believer V:4; The Christian will always hear the word of God — The preacher,the teacher — but the unsaved will not hear – V:6; The great passage on love by John is found in V:7-21; Here you will find the word “Love” 27 times.

Chapter 5: Faith produces victory over the world – Faith in Christ — V:1-4; In V-6:There are three that bear witness to the truth of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ : 1 .Water – The Word of God John 19 : 34-35; 2. Blood – the death of Christ for our sins Eph 1:7 ; 3. Spirit – Truth Acts 1:4,8 ; In V-7:The Father,Son, Holy Spirit. In V-8 : The Holy Spirit works in our hearts when we are born again. He takes the Word and applies the shed blood of Christ to our hearts. The key of the epistle is found in V:11-15;

The Seven Tests of our walk with God : They begin with the words,”If we say” and “He that saith” 1:6 – False fellowship; 1:8 False sancticity ; 1:10 – False righteousness; 2:4 False allegiance ; 2:6- False behavior ; 2:9 – False spirituality ; 4:20 – False speech ;

The Book of II John

John identifying himself only as “the elder” is the author. He wrote this letter to “the elect lady” The contents of V-5,10 and 12 indicate that the letter was a personal note to a real person not to a church, the letter was written from Ephesus about A. D 90 ; In V:2 The central message of “For the truths sake”. The Book explains the Walk in Truth and Love- in V:1-6 ; Truth is the theme of this epistle. The truth John speaks of is the doctrine of the Scriptures. The reference in V-4 is an answer to a letter John had received. V:5 – The truth John refers to is not a new thing,but that which they had received from the Father from the beginning – that we love one another. Gal 6:2; The love is the love of the “new law of Christ” brought about by the Holy Spirit in the heart of every believer Rom 5:5; We would love each other and the proof is in our walk v 6 ; Guard the Doctrine of Christ in V: 7-13; “He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ,he hath both the Father and the son” -V:9 ; Many false teachers were traveling among churches v 7-11; who would not confess that Jesus Christ was here in flesh. These were deceivers and anti-Christs. I John 4: 1-2; They did not believe in the humanity of Christ and denied His incarnation. We are not to support anyone preaching and teaching a false doctrine. There are so many cults and “isms” in our day. John says, if we support them, we become partakers of that evil doctrine – meaning we share in spreading a false doctrine v: 10-11 ;

The Book of III John

The epistle of John deals with personalities of Three men. These three teach us some basic truths. John talks about the central message”Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health,even as thy soul prospereth” V:2

The three men :

Gaius Walking in Truth V:1-8 ; John call Gaius “the beloved” four times. This man of God was a source of great joy for John. He had cure for all of “the fellows” helpers of the truth “The truth” in this good man was The Lord Jesus Christ.

Diotrephes – Loves pre-eminence V:9-11 ; This man wanted all the praise and glory. He was guilty of not receiving John, making malicious statementsagainst John,refusing to entertain the brethren or missionaries, excommunicating the ones that “put up” the missionaries in their homes from the church.

Demetrius- Good report of all men V:12-14 ; There is only one verse about this man; it gives us a good lesson in Christian character. His name indicates that he was a convert from paganism. He spoke only good of all men and of the Gospel itself. He adorerned the doctrine of Christ. Others testified of his faithfulness to Christ.

We can be a Gaius,helping spread the Gospel – or we can be a Diotrephes, hindering the work for personal attention. or a Demetrius, adorning the Gospel of Christ.


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